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The Best of the Worst of Times

Like many of you...most of you...I have been a fan of this team for a long, long time. Day one. Game one. Sacramento Kings. Weeping, screaming, dancing, running from packs of feral Lakers...


My Oracle Nightmare

Secret Santa, that's how we handle adult Christmas gifts in my wife's extended family. We don't need any more crap so we slim it down to a nice little exchange and post a wish list. That wish...


Holiday Glory: The Kings Player Book 2014

What can I words will suffice. I opened up a present this Christmas and inside I found the most incredible book I've ever seen. Ladies and gentlemen, I had to share. COVER AND BACK...

Boogie Vs Paul: Yeah M*@&!*&@#!


Grantland takes a look at first the Bogut/Blazers fracas before serving some choice cuts from the growing heat between the DMC and Paul. I don't know how they could write a piece like this without the infamous Paul flop-sqeal GIF on display though! Come on Kings, bring those fools DOWN on Friday!

Boogie and Wall top Grantland's Favorite NBA Players list


From the article: "There are two types of basketball fans in this world — those who love DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins, and those who are wrong. Players like Boogie make basketball more fun. If every big man were Tim Duncan, this sport would be awful. We love Boogie because we don't care about defense, don't care for authority, and don't care if he's a little out of control sometimes. DeMarcus Cousins would throw an elbow at Jesus Christ himself, and that's why he's so much fun. No, he has never put his massive skill set together for an entire season while unleashing hell on the NBA, but he has also been stuck in some awful situations the past few years in Sacramento. The takeover is coming, though."


Mustache Update: StR Community Raises $415 in One Week

Last week I wrote a fanpost calling all StR fans to join me in raising money for Sacramento and San Francisco Schools in need. I selected schools with high poverty populations that had projects...


Mustache for Yokosolo, Education for Everyone

Yokosolo is growing a mustache for charity, and is offering a signed Shareef Abdur-Rahim jersey for the highest donation.

Boogie hosts Kings Movie Night


Almost the whole team went out last night to a screening of the movie Don Jon (a comedy about a Jersey dude who's addiction to porn jeopardizes his relationship with a woman played by Scarlett Johansson - I know, this is a tough decision for the character) arranged by your boy DMC. This "unity" thing will never get old for me, I hope these good vibes keep ROLLING! (ps: #LoveForSignLady)

Player Reactions to Dunk Prank


From Cowbell Kingdom. Just awesome. I am really pulling for Outlaw, he seems like a great guy.

nbadresscode: David Stern Look Like A Frog


Linked via Grantland and thought I'd check this out. CLICK! Oh man oh man oh man. This is the funbox right here people, and endless stream weird-ass NBA player photos. Enjoy!

Podcast: Simmons and Lowe debate Webber - Overrated or Underrated?


"They traded haymakers with the Lakers in that series." Great, sometimes painful stuff as Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe dissect C-Webb's career in depth. Simmons regular Joe house jumps in in the last 3rd to continue on.

Great Pete D'Alessandro Interview on KHTK


From this morning's CD & Annoying Dude show. PD is fantastic, a badly needed breath of fresh air. Nice job with the interview on CD's end. Talks DMC, Mullin, expectations ("We are going to be the hardest working team in the NBA"), Iggy debacle (a little bit, still mysterious), personnel, baldness, Sacramento Fans and where he will view games (not the tunnel, too short).


More Science: Kings will Shatter the Nuggets in Game One

Let me explain to you what is going to happen at Sleep Train Arena on October 30th, 2013... and then let me show you exactly why. There are so many uncertainties surrounding this...

A whole lot of Kings in latest Simmons piece on Grantland


Today, Bill compares this offseason's activities to quotes from the 80's film Midnight Run with more than a few funny notes about previous ownership like: "What the Maloofs did to Sacramento basketball wasn't technically a crime … just a crime against everything sports should be about."


Ween Won't Help the National Media Understand that Fresh Vivek Feeling

I wake up each day and take a deep breath. Then I exhale. Then I do it again, maybe not as deep. Exhale again. And so on... you get the idea. I breathe. I take oxygen in, push out the CO2. ...



Brothers and sisters... the next time you find yourself sucked into the vortex of Sonics Rising or being pulled into to the depths of an ESPN comment section... use this handy tool to remind yourself what to do next: GET OUT OF THERE!!!


An Open Letter to Tai Babilonia

"In play there are two pleasures for your choosing - The one is winning, and the other losing." - Lord Byron "Any obsession is dangerous. And a whole country that's obsessed with one thing, unless...

Grant interviews KJ on the Jim Rome Show


This is short but it's national radio y'all... gotta hand it to Grant. I know, but he represents. Of course there's also this KJ dude calmly taking care of BUSINESS. Scroll down to the Guests section, you can stream or download the Kevin Johnson link.

Grantland: Simmons and Lowe shred the T-Rob trade to bits


Simmons rants: "There were so many appalling things about that trade, but you just hit on the big one — the Kings gave up on a top-five lottery pick to save a little less than $4 million. It's the kind of trade that happens when your owners are broke. It's the kind of trade that would have happened in 1978, back when the league was struggling and they were showing Finals games on tape delay. You know I'm prone to hyperbole from time to time, but I truly believe this — that's the worst trade anyone's made in years. A lottery team giving up Robinson … I mean … it's unconscionable."

Vote for IT in this TNT poll! DO IT!!


During the Rising Stars challenge, the TNT Overtime site will follow the player who has the most votes with his own camera. Whatever... but IT is in 3rd place! Let's make a little weird noise, kids. GO VOTE! Isaiah is on Team Chuck so click that button to vote. Do it.

SLAM Online - A Tale of Two Cities


Jason Reid of Sonicsgate fame and Tobin Halsey of Small Market, Big Heart share contrasting views. Guess what? Reid is still working the condescending hypocrite angle! Good looking out Tobin!

Maloof NBA.COM Bio - Updated Edition


I am losing my fucking mind. I just spent an hour of work time rewriting the Maloof Family bio page on NBA.COM. It must be some form of important therapy... or I'm falling apart at the seams. Both? FTM.

Limited Partners have 'first right of refusal' to buy Kings?


Whoever Flemming is... oh, he's a lawyer gumming up the sale... anyway, keep rolling dawg!

Respite from the Seattle Drama: Kobe Losing It


After all the torture, insult absorbing and Maloofery we have been enduring as of late (as our team hangs over a cliff) it is nice to relax and enjoy the collapse of the ultra-hyped Lakers "reboot." Some might say it is bad form to relish another's sorrow. To them I say, "It's the LAKERS! It's KOBE! SAVOR IT!!!"

ESPN 5 on 5 on the potential Kings move


James Ham from Cowbell Kingdom and 4 other dudes discuss various topics regarding the Kings moving to Seattle through a mostly unsettling lens. Enjoy!

Grantland: Regardless of a Seattle Move, the Sacramento Kings Are Still Open for Business


A breakdown of Kings assets and trade possibilities from Grantland's Zach Lowe. Note the insults to the Maloofs, the shout out to your girl Voisin and an outsider's view of Cousins and the rest of the Kings' assets.

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