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Brookover dumb on Utley and defense


This Brookover piece is unbelievably stupid. Some quotes: "Utley's work in the field at second base has been respectable, but he is nowhere close to being the defensive wizard Galvis proved to be earlier this season." "Galvis made one error at second base. Utley, Mike Fontenot, and Pete Orr have combined for 12." "With Galvis at second, Jimmy Rollins at shortstop, Carlos Ruiz and Erik Kratz at catcher, and either Upton or Bourn in center field, the middle of the Phillies' defense, which is the most important part, would be solid once again. That's the outline in place. We'll have to wait and see if it becomes the final draft." Grrrrrrrrr.

2011 Phillies one "the great 28"


Chris Jaffe selects the 28 best teams of all-time to "run 1,000 simulated seasons using Diamond Mind Baseball to see how the squads shake out." He includes the 2011 Phillies: "Not only are they the most recent team, but they are also the 28th team picked. The last slot came down to the 1904 Giants, 2009 Yankees, and 2011 Phillies. I decided I’d rather have a third recent team than a seventh team from 1896-1912. I picked the Phillies over the Yankees because, *according to WAR, this team has the best pitching staff of all time*. Besides, I’d rather have a Phillies team than another Yankees squad." Sigh?

"I feel like we all kind of take Cliff Lee for granted."


Some nice Cliff Lee love at the end of this post about Bartolo Colon's streak of 38 straight strikes.

Some salient points for followers of recent Phillies baseball


The article is about the Patriots, but many observations apply to the Phillies, or rather, to being a fan of the Phillies.

Anatomy of the $100 million contract


Basically, they're usually a bad idea (I know, shocking). But you have to squint real hard to find Ryan Howard on these charts... thankfully, the author doesn't spend much time on him in particular, but oh wow.

Questionable UZR values?


We've had occasional discussions about Raul Ibanez's bad defense, particularly in light of his especially horrible UZR rating. Not too long ago, taco pal posted the also bad UZRs for the other players who have played leftfield this season, perhaps suggesting that there is something fishy about how UZR handles leftfield at Citizens Bank Park. In the link above, Marc Normandin makes a similar point with respect to leftfield at Fenway, taking issue with Carl Crawford's poor UZR score this year, versus his superlative scores in previous years, also noting the huge differences between Manny Ramirez's road UZR and his epically horrible Fenway UZR. Worth a look.

Whiff Rates: This just in, Cole Hamels & Ryan Madson have awesome changeups


"Once again, Cole Hamels's changeup is the best pitch from a qualified starter" while Madson's is the second best by a qualified reliever.

"Cody Ross: Worse than severed fingers in your martini. That’s just science."


Power rankings by most hated guy on team, by Grant from McCovey Chronicles.

Is Ryan Madson a Bad Closer?


"Madson has shown many, many times that he's as good a relief pitcher as anyone out there, even when facing immense amounts of pressure. You want to argue that despite all that, he somehow clams up when he's asked to finish a game in which they're leading by three or fewer? You can argue it, and maybe you're right, but in the face of all the evidence that he's pretty much tough as nails, it's a pretty out-there position to take. You'll need a lot more evidence than three bad innings over two years."

The thoughts Joe Blanton is thinking


Don't know if you guys have been reading Notgraphs, the more or less funny companion to Fangraphs, but this bit about the Sports Illustrated cover is pretty good.

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