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My 53 man roster prediction

I had to come out of retirement for this one. I've read soooo many different rosters, but they all ignore some basic NFL rules. We have to account for the 46 man active game day roster, and...


Eagles know what sickness Maclin has!

Did anyone see the pregame interview with Joe Banner. During that interview, he was asked about Jeremy Maclin. His response was very interesting. He said that Maclin had a personal illness, and...


Kevin Kolb notes from an Eagles fan

  Kevin Kolbs, Strenghs and Weaknesses.   Strenghs: Super Accurate: Kevin has great touch on his passes, and is very accurate in short to mid range throws. If you look back at his film, you...


Juan Castilllo, Head Coach?

First off, I want to start by admitting that I did not read every comment posted in regard to this. By the time I checked in, the forums were way too flooded to read. So excuse any duplicate ideas. ...


A deal's a deal

This was posted by ronjohnson @ bigblueview. I posted in on our blog as part of our bet. Love seeing people eat crow.


Great Game, But now its time to pay the piper.

First I want to s ay that it was a great game. Two of the best teams in the NFL going toe to toe. And it was competitive to the end. I think there is no arguement from anyone that these are the two...


NY is Poopin' their pants.

Its a beautiful thing, but I was trolling over to the www.bigblueview.com blog and noticed how afraid the Giants fans and bloggers appear. Here is one of the headlines they had on their blog "E...


We know what we have in Kevin.

  This is my case that Kevin Kolb is a good QB. So be warned, if you are a Kolb hater, this may be the part where you stop reading. For those of you objective enough to hear my argument please...


Fox Broadcasters SUCK.

I couldn't beleive the lack of football I was hearing from that Fox broadcast crew yesterday. And how they were urging Kolb to throw the ball deep vs Washington. That surprises me coming from a QB...


Poor Donovan. Woe is him

How lucky we are to have drafted him instead of Ricky Williams. Because we all know how much a bust Ricky was. He never made any pro bowls. At the time, he wasn't the best running back EVER to come...


My Vick consipiracy Theories.

I am so confused now. What just happened? Should I be happy? Should I be furious? Let’s go over some possible motivations over this move, and try to sort out how we should feel.


Wildcat misconceptions

(uploaded picture late) Over the last few weeks, I've been a little irked by the number of people who oppose the wildcat formation without even understanding it. Its even more frustrating...


Why can't we trade for Revis?

I keep reading reports on the net about Revis not wanted to come back to the Jets. And I keep saying to my self, why can't we trade for him?

Could the Browns cut Colt McCoy?


Do you think Andy may be interested?


Poll- Will Mike Vick be in the NFL starting training camp?

With all the Mike Vick news floating around, I'm surprised no one created this poll yet. This one is an obvious one. Do you think Mike Vick will be in the NFL come the start of training camp?


Poll- Is McNabb a hated player?

I head notice that as this year advance, a lot of us who used ot support McNabb have become very tired of his act. Many of the die hard Eagles fan have grown a strong dislike for Donovan McNabb....

Most Disliked" list for the NFC East 1. Albert Haynesworth, Redskins DT 2. Jerry Jones, Cowboys...

Most Disliked" list for the NFC East 1. Albert Haynesworth, Redskins DT 2. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner 3. Dan Snyder, Redskins owner 4. Tony Romo, Cowboys QB 5. Osi Umenyiora, Giants DE 6. DeAngelo Hall, Redskins CB 7. Clinton Portis, Redskins RB 8. Brandon Jacobs, Giants RB 9. Roy Williams, Cowboys WR 10. Patrick Crayton, Cowboys WR By Matt Mosley http://espn.go.com/blog/nfceast/post/_/id/14975/vick-tops-most-disliked-list Notice, not an Eagles was mentioned. Now thats respect.

GCobb.com is the worst site in the world

This is a slow time of the offseason, and there are very little stories coming from the Eagles. So I find myself jumping from site to site just to see if some kind of news may have developed.


Backbreaker football anyone?

I know this isn't Eagles related, but its still football related. Yesterday I just bought that new backbreaker football game. I gotta tell you, that thing is off the chain bro. I mean, that game...


Early 53 Man Roster

Yeah, Yeah, I know its early, but its fun. Tell me what you think of my 53. After we drafted 13, I wondered how do we fit these guys on the roster, and after I looked at it, they fit easily. Notice...


We overpaid for Graham.

I want to start by saying that I was very surprised by the pick. Only because I never even bothered to check any film on Graham. Most had him listed as OLB, so he fell off of many radars for the E...

Behold, THE KOLBHEAD I would SO buy one of these.


Behold, THE KOLBHEAD I would SO buy one of these.


Source: Eagles Have Made Contract Offer To Kevin Kolb

  Per gcobb.com Yesterday,  I learned from an NFL source that the Philadelphia Eagles have made a contract extension offer to fourth-year quarterback Kevin Kolb.


Brandon Gibson starting

Yes, its didn't take but a few weeks. Our friend Brandon Gibson is already starting opposite Donnie Avery at St Louis and has gotten around 12 catches in 2 games. We knew he was gonna be good, but...


Hester Moonshine

Near the end of he Game, Devin Hester was tackled and had his pants pulled down. It was not noticeable from the normal angle of the game, but when they went to replay, true enough the moon was...


Eagles should attend World series after Giants win

I think it would be appropriate for the Eagles to show up to the world series and support the Phillies after a win vs the Giants.


Evaluation of McNabbs recent performance

I know its ta-bu to discuss anything anti McNabb to some people. So I will do my best to be as fair as possible in this Post.


Bring on the Bronx!!!

  via a.espncdn.com We can't Wait to host the pinstripes down here in Philly. We are foaming at the mouth at the ideas of playing a World Series vs your beloved Yankees.


How long to Djax flips?

Lets keep it real for a minute. I think its becoming clear possible that Jackson is not impressed with McNabb's return. Just in the same way Reggie Brown wasn't happy with McNabbs return, after...

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