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Justin Upton jersey??


anybody know why the justin upton jerseys aren't on i really want one


Watching the Braves in Europe?

Later this summer i will be taking my first ever trip out of north america as I head to ireland for the Notre Dame Navy football game! While i am very excited i was wondering what my braves...


The player we need to take in the second round.

In my opinion it is fairly obvious who we need to take tomorrow... Alshon Jeffery. My reasoning for this is simple, we dont have a number 2 reciever!!!!!!!! We may be thin at other positions but J...


What could we get for Jair?

I pose this question, one that i have been struggling with to the talking chop community- What could we obtain in a trade for Jair Jurrjens? Last year around the all star break his value was...

Matthew Mulligan signs with the Rams!!!


Thank goodness. The Rams are nuts. Schotty AND Mulligan!

This song reminds me of last season?


Am I the first person to realize the irony behind this song? On a side note lets hope Philly fans are singing this this year! Go Braves!

Put one of 2 Braves in the cave


Many of you know Ricky Mast is running for the MLB fan cave but so is this guy, Shaun Kippins. Vote for him and Ricky!


Why I am optimistic for the upcoming season

I preface this post by saying that i am not an overly optimistic person in general however I think there is real reason to be optimistic for the upcoming season. To explain my logic i will go to...

As braves fans we should root for the LM stock to crash


according to the article if that happened we could get a new owner

Spring training question


Spring training question

Hi guys, i know that several baseball fans mail their baseball cards to their respective teams spring traing in the hope for an autograph. Does anyone know what adresss i should send braves cards to?

Cody Ross signs with red sox


come on fw, at this price how do you not go after ross?

If like me you have watched the New York Jets for the past 3 years than it has probably occurred to...


If like me you have watched the New York Jets for the past 3 years than it has probably occurred to that Sanchez is not the answer. Unless you have not watched espn, gone online, or read the papers for the past six weeks it has also occurred to you some guy with the last name Manning might be on the trading or free agent market. I make a plea to my fellow jet fans, please join me in conveying to the FO that we want and need Peyton. You can do this by liking the page Peyton Manning to the New York Jets on facebook. Our goal is to influence the front office to acquire Peyton by telling them that our status as fans depends on it. Happy new year and go Jets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SS trades

I am convinced that we will acquire a short stop via trade not free agency.  Tell me as a braves fan do you execute any of the following scenarios.   A. Erick aybar for pastro, JJ and spurill...


Prado to shortstop???

So much has been made about how we need to get a power hitting outfielder yet our only open position is shortstop.  I propose that martin prado plays short for 1 year and 1 year only.  This will...


mlb. tv

  Sorry for the trouble but just have a quick question regarding  I think i have this correct but i want to double check before buying a subscription, i am a brave fan from NJ and with a...

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