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Change to MLS' GA program The short version is that MLS is moving away from multiple years of guaranteed deals...

Art Takeover to benefit Harpers Playground TOMORROW!!!


Timbers Army, a ton of talented graphic designers and several local companies all teamed up to make Timbers themed, screen-printed, individually signed and numbered posters (just $30per!). Tomorrow (Sat) at Coava Coffee!! If you haven't seen any of the posters yet, I assure you, there is some COOL stuff. Support a good cause.

FO seeks to cash in on TA, strip stadium of atmosphere


Please....everyone read this and understand the implications of going reserved. You can NEVER come back. EVERY other supporters section in MLS has HUGE issues with scalping and with reserved seats significantly hurting atmosphere, growth and game day experiences. Make your voices heard!!!

Rumor: New Asst Coach


"Hearing Sean McAuley joining Portland as asst coach. Played for Timbers in '02, has been Sheffield Wednesday academy coach, 2x caretaker." Sean was a former Timber. An interesting hire for an assistant.

Vote for Timbers Community W.O.R.K.S.


Fernando is president of OPI (a charity I am treasurer of) and a 10k grant to Pitch Invasion would be over-the-top meaningful. We have a huge list of fields that need repair and investment and this would go a huge way to making soccer that much more accessible and safe in the metro area. Sorry to pimp this so hard, but this would be a HUGE deal for our organization so please help out!!

Rubin Rubio continues his travels with U-17s


Kid is a rocket ship right now. Excited to see his next move. Hopefully its to Timber's Green. Sidenote: If Spencer does get the boot, Richie Williams would be at the top of my list of potential replacements. A decade of MLS coaching experience, strong showings with several USMNT youth teams, and worked with several successful (and a few unsuccessful) MLS coaches. Wonder if he'd come out to the West Coast though.

Must read on why Perlaza is one of our starters


everything i've tried to argue, but so much more eloquent.


2012 MLS Salary figures,%202012%20Salary%20Information%20-%20By%20Club.pdf Highlights for the Timbers: -We have $396k+ invested at LB. Ouch. -Gleeson and Dike got some nice...

Breakdown of LA Calls

+ Pretty interesting to see 3 calls that really changed the game. I'll be honest, I'm not sure up 2-0 we still win, but certainly would have changed part of that game.

EJ still has symptoms, not ready to quit


Sounds like he's still hopeful of a comeback. Hope its really in his best interests if he does though....its been 2 months and if he really still is having symptoms, that isn't a good sign. [Geoff's edit: Note sure how we missed this but it's an important read.]


New LB in camp

Brett Evans, 30 years old, a South African left back whose played his entire career for Ajax Cape Town (278 appearances) is in camp for a week, per Timbers Insider.


Mea Culpa

I'm one of those people who sometimes takes awhile to admit he's wrong. I can be stubborn. I can have all the traits of the best, most stubborn donkey out there. So when I say I just may indeed...

Purdy injured in NT game


Had to go to the Hospital. Per his Twitter, 8 stitches under his eye and his nose is messed up, so doubtful we are seeing him this week. Wonder if that means Kawulok is more likely to make the team. Looks to be #2 headed into the weekend at least, if not the opener.

Valencia out for year


Knee surgery. Lots more developing, I'll wait for a full post.

Another Duque waiting for Visa article


I really really really don't believe GA that there is no deal. I think they are waiting for a visa and don't want to oversell ala Gilbert. I'd be willing to bet if he gets a visa he'll meet up with the team in LA. Fingers crossed.

Duque deal finalized...waiting on visa


Looks like the Colombian connection continues. Glad to have some more depth at fullback.


A look at the 2012 roster and some ideas of what to keep an eye on as camp continues

Unlike last year, the team is blessed with a majority of the team returning, which makes it easier to guess what Gavin and John have in mind for the rest of the roster. The following is a...

Valencia Update


Again, totally ridiculous. There "may" have been some red flags that would prevent him from fulfilling his contract, no timeline to return? Give me a break. At least its something, but MAY be some red flags? Really? I think that's pretty obvious at this point.


An in-depth look at the Timbers salary cap situation

So, understanding the Timber's salary cap situation should allow us a better ability to understand the kind of additional signings we'd likely be looking for in the coming month. First, here is...


Clearing up some misconceptions regarding the next few signings

I was originally going to combine this with a look at the roster so far, with an eye on what kind of salary room the Timbers still have to operate in (I'll be posting that late tonight likely, lets...

A MUST read for Home Grown signings explained


This has WAY more info then I've ever seen detailed (regarding specific number of practices), but also goes to show why recent signings, including Brent's, make sense within the stated goals of the HGP program.

MerrittPaulson Merritt Paulson Preseason tourney @ JWF. 2 MLS sides plus us and AIK (Swedish 1st...


MerrittPaulson Merritt Paulson Preseason tourney @ JWF. 2 MLS sides plus us and AIK (Swedish 1st division). for STHs all games count as A. Details today #RCTID!/MerrittPaulson

No Movil in Chicos game today


s/o to Daaaave for alerting me, between roasting people on SCUSA. I honestly didn't think he'd come up here and play in the game, and so maybe he was up here given he didn't even come off the bench. I stand corrected.

No more Dickau on broadcasts


Looks like its going to be Fox and Heister from here on out. Good opportunity for Dan.


Trialists in the SJ Reserve Game

4 Trialists featured, Darryl Roberts, a T&T striker with decent pedigree (Dutch league) currently plying his trade in Turkey whose been in camp this week, Koffi Chrysostome, a CB, played a year at...

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