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Pumped for Puempel

After starting the Languishing for Landeskog a few months back as a possible pick for the Avs first rounder, I thought it may be a good idea to point out a possibly player for the #11 pick.   A...


What If? Draft 2011

Larsson has gone first overall. Landeskog just went second overall and the Avs are sitting with the third pick for the 2011 draft. The next players projected to possibly be picked are RNH,...


The Goalie Conundrum

8   That is about how many goalies the Avs have "in the system" and at the NHL level. I do not count Cash & Grahame in Lake Erie only due to the fluctuation that LE sees in UFA goalies from year...


Why the 1st is important

Many "observers" of the Stewart/EJ trade keep going on and on about the trade but very few pick up on the fact that the Avs acquired St. Louis' first rounder this year or next. I'm not going to go...

Vokoun needs signed July 1st

Vokoun needs signed July 1st

As of July 2nd he would be 35 and the annoying NHL clause would kick in. Something to think about for anyone looking to sign him. I highly expect someone like Philly to acquire him and go "lights out" against teams they end up facing in the playoffs

Languish for Landeskog

I don't see the Avs picking 1st overall and with Edmonton (and now Ottawa) needing a center there is a good chance that Gabriel Landeskog may still be on the board when the Avs draft. The top 4 are...

Holos and Grahame recalled from Lake Erie. [EDIT] And Anderson has left the team for...

Holos and Grahame recalled from Lake Erie. [EDIT] And Anderson has left the team for personal reasons

Avalanche prospect depth analysis

A solid piece but lacking in any real detail. Some items of correction/note: The Avs lost the rights to Hellgren, Alcen, and RDW. Parshin is a RW and Malone is primarily a LW and not an enforcer (college doesn't allow fighting). Paul Carey's struggles more stem from ice time as he was used mostly as a 3rd/4th line defensive forward his first 2 years. He still has upside. Olver is not a fringe NHLer and is only in the AHL to get him time to develop. Gaunce doesn't project as an offensive D in the NHL. Gawryletz is NOT an Avs prospect. Cann has only had one bad year since being drafted and that was last year at the AHL level as he worked to adjust to the AHL. He has played fine in the CHL/ECHL while other goalies, like Pickard's brother (yes Chet) has struggled at that level. right now the Avs are horribly thin at forward due to having a lot of "bottom six" NHLers and only a few with top 6 (Hishon, Bournival, Olver, Stoa, etc) potential.


Schaefer appears destined for minors

Peter Schaefer is projected to be demoted to the minors next week. Alex Burrows(shoulder surgery) is slated to return next Tuesday from long-term injury reserve, which will prompt the move....

Shattenkirk and now Hishon?

THN goes from no real Avs articles to repeated Avs prospects leading off their Hot Lists. Pickard can't be soon behind

Howard is immortalized

And so the craptacular New series for Mcfarlane has been shown off and Howard is a headliner. No Avs but we get Turcos and Dion. Yay!

Gaunce gets schooled

looks like Gaunce was one of a bunch of NHL players/prospects to get a little work in this summer

If Howler was still around I could see Duchene and him being a great duo.


If Howler was still around I could see Duchene and him being a great duo.

Duchene is starting his own clothing line.


Duchene is starting his own clothing line.

Many an NHL GM would kill to have the core of NHLers (including Paul Stastny, Matt Duchene, Chris...

Many an NHL GM would kill to have the core of NHLers (including Paul Stastny, Matt Duchene, Chris Stewart and Peter Mueller, among others) possessed by Avs GM Greg Sherman.

The Nifty Fifty

I'm not sure if anyone wondered much about the max number of contracts teams were allowed to have but one has to wonder once they realize how many potential AHL/NHL players that the Avs have...


Could Jagr have been an Av?

I know it is always interesting to follow the old Lindros trade and what came of it (and how the Avs are still reaping the benefit of it) but did anyone realize that an old prospect of Colorado's...


THN rates Porter 3rd Best Prospect

for the Avs. Not sure what they use for ranking but Shattenkirk and Stoa took the top spots with Cohen, Hishon, Gaunce and Pickard falling behind Porter. Kind of surprised Elliot fell to #10 and...


THN picks the Avs to finish

9th out of the West for 2010-2011. I received The Hockey News Annual and haven't looked over the reasonings picked for the other teams 1-8 in the West but their thoughts on the Avs seem more...


Forsberg the 23rd Man?

I am shocked that a team hasn't approached this idea before but then again it could be due to more teams trying to stay under the cap ceiling than over the cap floor. Why not sign a 35 or older...

TSN Top 10 Agitators

TSN has a video they are running on their site for the NHL's 10 best agitators over the years. Interesting enough, former Colorado players stake a big claim of the Top 10 (Hunter, Tucker, Barnaby and Lemieux).


Los Angeles vs Colorado

Is it me or is Los Angeles Overrated? They seem to get a lot of press about how good they are and their future being bright while the Avs seem to get a mention here or there. Is Los Angeles really...


Build through the draft or Build through the draft?

Which would you rather?   Interesting posting over at Hockeybuzz that I wanted to bring up but not for the writing (even though he has been a strong contributor to the Avs stuff over there) but...

Versteeg to Toronto

him and Sweatt for Prospects and Stalberg


vs Chicago

  So come Friday we may be seeing the first round match-up of the West's 1st and 8th seed. If you are the coach... what do you think you would do? Is this another game where you roll your main...


Avs sign Olver

Link Interesting... wonder if he will play wing or center? Nice to see him make the jump this year and get some time in the AHL. I wouldn't be too worried even if he doesn't get too many points in...


Stewart ?

Ok I am not dissing Stewie at all as he and Duchene are my favorite current Avs, but could we actually see a regression in his point totals next year? A lot of people are saying that he will be...

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