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Why I would make an awful GM, Z's grades, alchohol and a morose look at the season that was

The Wolves finished yet another season below .500. On a scale of Troll 2 to Time Bandits, this one sits at a solid Highlander; It was a train wreck and I couldn't stop watching. Losing to the Jazz...


Predict tonights (2-11 vrs Cleveland) MPE!!!

In a battle of two teams with 34 combined wins who is more valuable Alonzo Gee or CJ Miles or will Wayne Ellington return to destroy the Wolves? Predict tonight's MPE correctly and you could win $...


Predict tonights (2-10 vrs Memphis) MPE!!!

Who will go off on the Wolves tonight? No you can't pick Randolph, he's a stud, not a mediocre player. Will we get blown out by Memphis' own Christ Johnson? Will Tony Allen suddenly discover his...

Why We Watch: Nikola Pekovic

An interesting description of the Balkan Bulldozer here

ESPN Conference Predictions (Wolves Third in West!)

Clearly written before Love's injury we are predicted to finish 3rd in the West

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

wagesofwins looks at how good our players were on offense last year (Love and Pek both very good) but our team offense wasn't. Take a look at what's left after our offseason.

Sun's Training Staff & new technology

Why exactly haven't we hired a few of their doctors away from them? Considering what you pay NBA players it seems prudent to make investments in their health.


Around the League: Atlanta Hawks

When I think Atlanta, I think absurd contracts. No, not Darko, not Wes Johnson but volume shooters getting paid big money. That said, their volume shooters have taken them to the playoffs for the...


It's prediction time

So the Wolves are without our superstar Kevin Love for 2 games. We've hashed and rehashed such topics of whether or not it was avoidable, the definition of a stomp and if 2 games was too long of a...


Please explain the Mayo situation to me

O.J. Mayo has been rumored to be moved for Josh McRoberts of all people but seems to be a good shooting guard. Clearly he had his gambling indecent on the plane with Allen but why exactly are you...

And you're likely to see call-ups at a faster rate starting Monday, when NBA teams are allowed to...

And you're likely to see call-ups at a faster rate starting Monday, when NBA teams are allowed to start handing out 10-day contracts.

D-league callups to start soon

Memphis needs backup PG

Mayo again logged minutes as the backup point guard while rookies Jeremy Pargo and Josh Selby remained glued to the bench until garbage time. Mayo has been solid but the question now is if the Griz are in worse shape than last season? Greivis Vasquez was serviceable, and at times, clutch. Now he’s showing flashes of brilliance with New Orleans. Vasquez averaged 14.2 points and 7.6 assists while shooting 53 percent over his past five games. Last Wednesday, Vasquez became the first player in Hornets’ history to have at least 20 points and 10 assists off the bench in a game. smells like it's time for a Ridnour + Memphis pick for Mayo trade to me.

NBA Geek takes shots at Kahn over Loves contract

Sheer Idiocy. This is how negotiations should have gone: Love: I want 3 years, $45 million. Minny: No, we know your options are limited as an RFA and we've got the leverage here, so it's 5 years, $80 million or we'll talk again in the summer.

Even the NBA Geek thinks we should hire Bogans

Again, average would be a huge upgrade over Wes Johnson (and, incidentally, Rip Hamilton was a downgrade from Bogans). Chicago waiving Bogans was a huge stroke of luck for the Wolves. How the hell has no one in this organization suggested that we throw a minimum-contract at Keith Bogans!? Maybe they don't want to make the playoffs because they want to get another lottery....oh, wait.


When will Rubio get his first start?

I think it's pretty clear that Adelman has been easing Ricky into games against second units in order to keep his confidence up (and maybe to keep Ridnour happy). We've all seen with the...


Our Flotsam, their potential

The draft being what it is, I tend to overvalue new potential as opposed to old potential (i.e. Biyombo excites me more than Randolph). Since Williams plays the same position as Love we cannot...

Houston to Interview Casey

In the continuing saga where the TimberWolves sit on their hands and the Rockets actively look for a coach, Houston will be interviewing one of CHs favorite past Twolf coaches Dwayne Casey.


Trade Candidates (now with Round1 losers)

Currently the only teams that can make trades are the ones not in the playoffs. Thus, I've been perusing the other lottery team's rosters to see who we could potentially target.   Premise: Love is...

Shaq > Darko

Kudos to whomever I stole this from in a comments to some fanshot. I remember this bet from the start of the season that Darko would be worth more than Shaq this year due to Shaq's injuries and inability to move on defense. In short Shaq is still better than Darko.

Galleti Breaks down the West's rosters

Galleti breaks down all the rosters in the west by WP. As always the Twolves are Love, Ridnour, Tolliver and some scrubs (Beasley & Webster) and some D-Leaguers (everyone else has a negative WP).


Counterpoint: Not just our PGs

In particular, everybody but KLove is costing this team wins. This is primarily based off of Arturo Galleti's analysis Most important players of the season so far.

Interview with Darko

There may not have been a more unlikely candidate to post this season's top single-game plus-minus than Darko Milicic. But as he helped the Timberwolves demolish Cleveland by 34 points last Saturday, the man drafted one spot behind LeBron James in 2003 recorded a plus-41, along with 14 points, nine rebounds and three blocks. (For those unaccustomed to hoops metrics, that means the Wolves outscored the Cavaliers by 41 when he was on the floor.) Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/paul_forrester/12/08/darko.milicic.qa/index.html#ixzz17coZqZQp "Darko talks about getting a chance" with the TWolves.

Babbit to the D-League

The Portland Trail Blazers rookie taken 16th overall by Minnesota out of the University of Nevada-Reno in June is, according to the sources, expected to be in uniform when the Stampede host Dakota on Wednesday night. He will join three-time All-Star Antoine Walker in his debut, as the 34-year-old who last played in the NBA in the 2007-08 season with Minnesota signed with the club on Friday and is looking to take the long road back to the NBA. Former NBA draft picks Luke Jackson (10th overall in 2004) and Salim Stoudamire (31st overall in 2005) already play for the Stampede. - That Webster trade isn't looking to hot for Portland, though it's a bit early to judge.

The B-Easy Show

Beastly runs a quick Twolves promo and gets KLove to say the Twolves are the team to beat.


What Really Matters

So all I see in the news are talk of Favre/Chilly, the tail wagging the dog, big egos and stream of consciousness.  However what really matters are these things: The running game, the pass D, the...


Ross Tucker Blasts McCarthy

I just wanted to point out this story by Ross Tucker on SI where he basically says MM blew the game for the Pack. he end with this quote: What is indisputable, at least based upon this season, is...


Drinking Games

I've got a bet on a 24 case of MGD with my neighbor over the coming battle, but how should we celebrate while the game is going on? I'm thinking that every time the Vikes get a sack, int or first...


SI:Peter King Picks Lions over Vikings

Continuing his disapproval of Favre to the Vikings, Peter King has gone out on a limb and picked the Lions to upset the Viking.   h...


Around the NFC North

Being a football starved fan that barely pays attention to baseball, I've been resorting to watching MXC and Ninja warrior as quality TV... So needless to say even pre-season football has me giddy....


Vikings Release first depth chart

No answers at the QB position but notable is that McCauley and Sapp are the backup LCB and RCB respectively with Allen the third right corner back so he's probably losing the nickleback battle...

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