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SF Fans React


First of all, I've gotta say the majority of the SF Fans I've spoken to have been pure class. I wouldn't have been nearly as respectful of them, had the tables been turned. I still enjoyed this.


Andy Poling's College Career Ends

Former Zag Andy Poling's college career come to a close last night after his Seattle Pacific University Falcons lost to Regional Tournament host school Western Washington University. Andy scored...


Can You Spot the Zag?

That Butler game is still driving me crazy. We'll get by though. In the meantime, I thought we could all use a break - something to keep our minds on the fun part of Zag Fandom. So, I offer this...


Post Butler Complaint

Sorry, but I just can't wait for a post game thread. There is one thing about this game that I can't shake. But first, hats off to Butler. They played a great game and it was an honor to play in...


Thoughts from a Seattle Resident

When the Sonics were taken away from us and shipped out to an inferior town I was completely furious. While I certainly want a team back in Seattle it has been very difficult for me to project...

Mariners Latest Statement Concerning Arena


I just don't get it so I need the LL community to educate me a bit. Why would the Mariners be opposed to a SODO arena? I can't figure it out! Is it traffic congestion? First, (assuming we get basketball and hockey) the NBA and NHL play roughly the same season which ends in mid April. If neither team made playoffs we are talking a very small number number of games overlapping. Bringing in an arena to SODO would bring other businesses like restaurants and bars to SODO which would make SODO better. If SODO is better then wouldn't we expect more fans to work their way down to a game or two? Help me, LL. I can't figure out why the Mariners would sign this. Oh, and screw OKC.

Shaq Thompson, Baseball Player


Just saw this on Yahoo. 26 ABs. 25 Ks. 0 Hits. You read that right.

Jeff Samardzija and Nerdy Baseball Stats


For all you fellow baseball nerds, this great article from SBN's Grant Brisbee on the impossibilty of figuring out what to make of Jeff Samardzija's pitching career.



Looks like we are going to have some serious competition for attendance this year. The Impact packed in 58,912 people in to see their opening match. Nice to see.

I videotaped my reaction to the debacle.


I videotaped my reaction to the debacle.


Best Pac 12 Campuses

I like to travel, and I don't know why, but when I go places I always want to see college campuses. I'm not sure why. Maybe its because I had such a blast in college that it helps bring back...

1995 Highlights I haven't seen this posted here yet, and when I've looked for these highlights in...


1995 Highlights I haven't seen this posted here yet, and when I've looked for these highlights in the past, I haven't seen them. If this has been posted, I would ask the mods to kindly delete this post. After the 1995 season, Eagle Hardware put out a highlight video of the season, and these clips are from it. It is awesome because: 1) The events in the video are awesome. 2) The editor made frequent use of secondary camera views, for example, the camera that is pointed straight at the M's dugout during Sojo's inside the park "Grand Slam." 3) Dave Niehaus.


Reasons for Hope?

So today has been a pretty bad day, obviously. The Mariners seem so much worse than they were yesterday at this time. If you had asked me yesterday what type of team the Mariners were, I'd have...


Week 29 Attendance

I was just looking at the week 29 attendance stats on the left-hand side of the page and notice that attendance seemed to be well above average that week.  New England, for example, had about 8,000...

Dickau, Fox to replace Ehlo


This, friends, is something I think we can all get behind, regardless of what you think of Mark Few and Baby Stockton.

Great Article about the USMNT/Mexico Rivalry


This is one of the most interesting pieces I've read on US Soccer in a while. Just a great piece, outside of mainstream soccer opinion and news.

Ochocinco's KC Tryout


Sometime in the last few years I went from being completely annoyed by Chad Ochocinco to finding him to be one of the most likeable athletes in professional sports. As many know, 85 recently tried out with Sporting KC. Here is an interesting video of his tryout. He seemed much more serious about making the team than I expected. Enjoy. UPDATE: It didn't go well.


OT Thread: The Academy Awards

Attention Movie Buffs!  The Academy awards are just two days away!  Time for an Offtopic discussion thread! In my opinion this has been a pretty good year for movies.  Although Best Picture is...


Steven Gray, PG?

After our fun discussion yesterday, I was challenged by some commenters to put my money where my mouth is and do my own fan post.  This is an attempt to make a FanPost that will help us understand...


Read this, Dammit.

Dear everyone in The Slipper Still Fits Community, This fan post will probably make me come off as a huge jerk and I intend to break several points of online/blog etiquette, so before I begin I...

New Portland Timbers Kit


Personally, I think these are pretty sweet and I love the Red secondary Jersey. It fits the Rose City well, in my opinion. (If this has already been talked about somewhere here, I ask that the mod delete this fanshot).

Randy Johnson Interview


This is a good interview, even if you don't like Rex Hudler. They cut right to the chase and start talking about 1995 and the one game playoff. Rex said that the Kingdome was the loudest he'd ever heard a baseball stadium get. Just awesome to hear the Big Unit's take on things and it's good to hear that he's doing well and enjoying life with his family. If you like Randy Johnson you will enjoy this. Oh, and its the November 6th interview and it begins relatively close to the beginning.

Moneyball Movie


I thought this project had been shut down, but it's in post-production. For the life of me I can't imagine how it will translate to the screen, but I think there is enough going on with it to be excited. First of all, Aaron Sorkin did the screenplay and Philip Seymour Hoffman will be playing Art Howe. Jonah Hill will be playing Paul DePodesta under the name Peter Brand. My personal favorite, however, is that Royce Clayton will be playing Miguel Tejada.

Expand Playoffs?


Selig seems to think its a good idea, which worries me. My gut reaction is that this would not be very good idea, but I'm usually against expanding playoffs. I'm curious what the positives, negatives, and neutral consequences of this would be.

Week 8 Coverage Map


Not sure if its been posted yet, but I didn't notice anything. On a personal note I'm really pissed about this one. I live in LA and there are a ton of Raider fans down here and they gave us Minnesota and New England. What a joke. Now I'm going to have to go to a sports bar and I guarantee you it will be crawling with Silver and Black scumbags. FU Fox.


Question on Playoff Tickets

I'm sure this has been discussed in other places, so I apologize if there is any redundancy here.  If there is another place I could get this information, please point it out. I live in LA and...

Week 2 Coverage Map


This map is way more confusing than last week's. I'm out of market again. Dammit.

Week 1 Coverage Map


For all of you who do not live in Seattle and need to know which game will be on in your area.

Texas Staying in Big XII


Looks like we missed out.

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