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Ales Hemsky's Days as an Edmonton Oiler are Numbered

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal breaks down why he believes Hemsky isn't fit to stick with the Oilers anymore. Matheson also gets comments from Craig Button who ponders, asking, "Would the Oilers pick up half of that to trade him, 50-50 (with another team)?" While I don't agree with the inherent conclusions (that Hemsky isn't worth having on a team), it's an interesting starting point: would you want Hemsky on the CBJ? And if not, would you want him at half price? I'd personally be pretty excited if the Jackets could pick him up in a reasonable trade.

2013 NHL Draft Consensus from NHL Numbers

The guys over at NHL Numbers have compiled (and weighted) the draft rankings from a variety of outlets to see where the overall consensus stands for each player. As of today (3/4), Seth Jones ranks number one in most pre-draft listings and Nathan MacKinnon slots in at number two.

Super Shot Search

Partner to the Usage Charts, Greg Sinclair also has shot charts in one place. That is, NHL-provided data on shot distance and location graphed in one place (and averaged, too). You can pick team shots, team shots with a particular player on ice, or shots for a player. It's pretty cool and has kept me preoccupied all evening.

Player Usage Charts

Remember those player usage charts (bubble graph charts) from last year? Those were the graphical representations of player zone starts, corsi values, and quality of competition and they were pretty cool. Well thanks to the work of Greg Sinclair, you can have usage charts all the time! Check out the link and nerd out while playing with the conditions and hovering over each player's circle to see detailed info.

Chance Will Be a Powerful Contributor to the Playoff Bound

From the folks over at Fear the Fin, a look at how variance and luck will contribute to this shortened season. It's an involved and worthwhile read, but one of the takeaways for Jackets fans is that, "...teams will be unable to separate out by talent" over 48 games. Consider: John Davidson might be able to work and rebuild behind the scenes while puck luck helps this year's squad on ice. That kind of combo would be ideal.


Seeking Opinions on Howson Opinions

I've got something of a (possibly) controversial set of inquiries that have been in my head for a while. It's a bit of a side-step from the NashWatch whatever (or the upcoming CBA depression) and...

How to Make Yourself an NHL Twitter "Insider"

Just like at the trade deadline, there's a lot of absolute nonsense flying around Twitter leading up to the draft and free agency. I think it's a good time to re-familiarize yourself with this fantastic article by Sam Page over at On the Forecheck. Don't believe any anonymous "insiders" as all these Nash rumors (and other topics) come up. Make sure you're really following a beat reporter, the TSN guys, or somebody similar who isn't just looking for attention.

The Lack of Skilled Forwards on the Columbus Blue Jackets

This is something I've been looking at for a little while and I put together over at my blog. I know there's this notion that the Jackets are just Rick Nash... but that's fairly accurate from the forwards, and even he's not enough. Point per game analysis isn't the best for determining player value, but I found (unsurprisingly) that the Jackets don't cut it compared to the top 10 teams in the NHL. Check it out if you're interested.

Fleury of Goals

A very informative discussion and breakdown of how the narratives connected to clutch/winning goaltending are often wrong just because of being on a good team. The focus is on Marc-Andre Fleury (and Grant Fuhr), but the scope of the whole article is much broader.


Jackets Stats: GVT, Rick Nash, and the Blue Jackets

Even without the news of Rick Nash's back injury last night and the call-up of Maksim Mayorov in case the captain can't play, we're likely at a strange crossroads in the history of the Columbus...


In Which Rick Nash Becomes a Symbol

These are strange times to be a fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Rebuild (or reshape?) is in full (or partial?) swing, which is painful and weird on its own. But the topic of contention is the...


Jackets Stats: The Overly Simplified Goalie Problem

It's tough to look at the Columbus Blue Jackets right now. Statistically, they're continuing to deal with team-wide failure. Rick Nash only has the 77th highest point total in the NHL and is off...


Jacket Stats: Career Goals Per Game

A serious concern has been brought up by a variety of commenters on the Cannon and other Columbus hockey sites, and it bites at the back of my head too. Are the Jackets going to improve at any...

Hockey Analytics 2011 NHL Review

One of my favorite hockey analysis websites is back with their 2011 NHL Review - a massive 90 page document that details the performance of teams and players during the 2010-2011 NHL season. The writing is clear and thorough, and the author (Alan Ryder) provides a great introduction to his Player Contribution (PC) tool. The spreadsheet with PC data is also included for reference and reader exploration. It's a very educational and eye-opening look at the relative value of individual players. The 90-page length makes this a slightly daunting, but very rewarding way for stat-geeks like me to spend some time reading about performance in the NHL.


Poor Contracts: Why it's Howson's Fault

As the Columbus Blue Jackets season continues to meander along with a slight "turnaround" from the abysmal start, some of the most interesting conversation has been brought on by Derick Brassard's...


Jackets Stats: Forward Totals Per Game

The Columbus Blue Jackets season has really sucked so far, and for all sorts of reasons.  The defense has been (probably rightfully) been called out as pathetic, porous, and generally ineffective....

Ohio State and Michigan Finalizing Outdoor Game Details

Right from the article: "The Cleveland Indians are "in discussions" with Ohio State University and the University of Michigan to hold a hockey game between the two teams at Progressive Field in January, Indians director of communications and creative services Curtis Danburg said Wednesday morning."

Center of Attention (from Pension Plan Puppets)

One of the members of the Pension Plan Puppets blog (another of the SB Nation sites) has a writeup about the Maple Leafs' need for a top-talent center and what options are available to them. Curiously, I think that need is shared with the Blue Jackets (no surprise). This is a well-written analysis of the value of centers and what it might take to get one of them. Take a few seconds to read this and see what centers are out there.

Allen York Looking to go Pro?

The Troy Record has an interesting look at what CBJ prospect goalie Allen York may do in the next few weeks. Great insight from both the paper and RPI coach Seth Appert on the Jackets' goalie situation and what may become of York.


Coming to Columbus, Looking for Ideas

We've all seen an article like this before, but it's my turn this time - I'm making a trip to visit Ohio State for grad school stuff.  I was able to pick my visit day, so I'm coming the day before...

Blue Jackets Claim Rivet off Waivers

Via Pierre LeBrun

Support Hockey on ESPN

Hey there Leafs Fans, help us people in the US take up a hockey cause! Recently, ESPN's Sportscenter has instituted a poll where viewers select the "Best of the Best." Each day, the ESPN-selected top play goes up against the last highlight that was victorious in the poll. For instance, for a week, the top play was a full-court shot in basketball, but was beaten by a play from the Super Bowl. Now is our chance to put hockey into the top spot, as the OT goal in the Beanpot Final was the top play this morning. I know the Rooney goal was nice, but this is for a bigger cause. So go to the link, click on "Sportscenter" under "Shows" on the left side, and vote for the Jimmy Hayes OT Winner. Tell your friends!

Vote for Hockey on ESPN

Recently, Sportscenter has instituted a poll where viewers select the "Best of the Best." Each day, the ESPN-selected top play goes up against the last highlight that was victorious in the poll. As an example, for a week, the top play was a full-court shot in basketball, but was beaten by a play from the Super Bowl. Now is our chance to put hockey into the top spot, as the OT goal in the Beanpot Final was the top play this morning. So go to the link, click on "Sportscenter" on the left side, and vote Jimmy Hayes OT Winner. Tell your friends!

Penguins' Malkin Has Torn ACL and MCL

This news comes as noted from various sources and confirmed on the Penguins' site. Evgeni Malkin had a bad-looking collision with Buffalo's Tyler Myers last night, ending with the enormous d-man landing right on Malkin's knees. The confirmation of torn ACL and MCL almost certainly means season-ending surgery. Brutal injury and massive news for the Pens. This may drastically change their efforts near the trade deadline and is a near-irreplaceable loss for their team.

Tampa Bay Unveils New Logo and Jerseys

The Tampa Bay Lightning showed off their new logos in a press conference today. Check the link to look at the actual designs for the team. Immediate reactions are mixed (logo is sharp, but the jersey makes them look like Toronto). What do you guys think?


Jackets Stats and the Goals Against

I think it's time to take another look where the Jackets stand in the NHL.  Previously, I tried to look at what was ailing the Jackets so much while they were in a tailspin-of-doom.  This time, I...


Jackets Stats and the New Year

Here's a look at where the Columbus Blue Jackets stand in some statistical categories as of this afternoon: Point Percentage (points earned/possible points): 56.6% for 15th in the league This is a...

"What to Expect from Steve Mason"

This link is to one of my favorite hockey blogs around, Brodeur is a Fraud. This is a goalie-oriented statistics blog that looks at individual netminder performance, separating perceived skill from team advantage. The author (known as "the Contrarian Goaltender") provides a unique perspective gained from insane data-gathering and strong statistical analysis. The particular post I'm linking to is an article from late September about our own Steve Mason. Here, the author looks at Mason's historical stats and critiques the new contract signed this summer. It's interesting to see how an outsider views Mason, especially after the recent awful play out of the former Calder-winner. Read this one, then check out the rest of the site. Thanks to this blog, I'm now found looking more at save percentage and individual goalie play. Check out why the titular Devils goalie is a "fraud" and why Dominik Hasek is a true goalie-legend.

Filatov Sent to AHL

Right from a CBJ pres release, Filatov has been sent down and Tom Sestito has been brought up for now. We'll see how this helps the young Russian sort out his scoring touch.

Kovalchuk Signs with Devils

Quote from the Devils official Twitter: "HE'S BACK: Ilya Kovalchuk signs with the Devils. Press conference scheduled for Tuesday at the Rock." Thank god it's done. Let's move on now.

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