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You know I really do think. So... for some weeks now I have thought that the theme song of the 2012 Giants is the much-maligned Ironic by Alanis Morrissette. This song gets a bad wrap,...

Muth on Niners OL


I like this guy. Even if he disagrees with Ougoudas. Played OL for Harbaugh at Stanford.

Word of Muth to analyse Niners OL in a few weeks


Hey Ben Muth at FO is going to do the Niners (FINALLY)... he needs suggestions on what game to review.


Urgent: Niners Gear Help Needed

Help me out here Nation. I just spent like 2 hours at Tanforan and Serramonte trying to find some replica Alex Smith 11 Jerseys. I mad a bet with myself that if the Niners won a playoff game, I...

Niners on FO Walkthrough


Write up of a couple of Niners plays from last week... one burned, one not.


xbox sports games (nfl/mlb)

Boy that looks like a spam title. So, I got an xbox 360 my first console since... since... wow, ever.  When I was a kid I had a vic-20 and c-64 instead of an atari 2600 etc.  Always played PC games...

My son, Zoom, (6, pictured in my avatar) drew this on Friday. It was stuck in his back pack until...


My son, Zoom, (6, pictured in my avatar) drew this on Friday. It was stuck in his back pack until today when I noticed it a few hours after the GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES. If it doesn't show up, I will re-scan it tomorrow...


Superstition, Statistics, and Science

So a funny thing happened to me Thursday morning.  Some who rides the Caltrain shuttle with me in Palo Alto asked me if I was "Superstitious? Or just a fan?".   I was wearing my Giants cap, black...

So I'm head over the the Public House after work; I should be there around 6:00... Who is going...


So I'm head over the the Public House after work; I should be there around 6:00... Who is going to be there? What is the MCC call sign? Clearly "wearing orange and black" is not going to cut it tonight. Would you let this guy sit next to you for most of a Giants game? I'll buy you a beer?


How to score World Series tix

So, I want to take my Mom to the World Series (assuming, of course, that the Giants are in it).  She's 66 and lets' be honest - there may not be another chance in MY lifetime (I'm 39), let alone...

The Sabeans???


This is so unbelievably awesome and on topic, I am totally hesitant to put it in a fan shot.

Lincecum NL MVP?


I was kind of shocked that Fangraphs WAR has him ahead of Pujols... turns out you have to account for the non-linearity of greatness to squeeze an extra win out of Timmeh. BBTF discussion here: http://www.baseballthinkfactory.org/files/newsstand/discussion/jonah_keri_now_about_that_national_league_mvp_race/


All right, which one of you mooks HOPED

This is the kind of thing that gets to me.  YOU ARE GIANTS FANS.    There is no hope, no salvation, no light at the end of the tunnel (maybe an on rushing K-Ingleside with an unconscious...


OT: Most guilty music pleasure

  Remember that car commercial where that guy is driving with his buddy who catches him with the "Play: Micheal Bolton"? This post is inspired by the "indy rock gods" thread posted a couple days...


Looking for tickets 9/9

Hey MCC I am looking for 2 tickets - good seats if you got 'em -  for the Wednesday day game 9/9 after labor day weekend vs. the Podracers.  I would use stubhub, but I am annoyed at them for the...

Sabremetrics, 1917 style


Awesome article for 1917... first use of linear weights in baseball?


Giants Drinking Game (2009)

(originally appeared in Gameday thread part II of postponed RJ 300 game @ Nats) I did a quick search, but I still can't believe no one thought of this... Your! 2009 Giants Drinking game. Get an...

current 3B hitting stats


Are you kidding me? Pedro Feliz has a .382 OBA and 10% walk rate? If this holds up for the season, I will personally execute every hitting coach in the Giants system from Augusta up. Then feed the corpses to Sabean until his intestines burst.

Meta Discussion FTW!


The key point herein is that "And then Rich Aurillia hit into a double play" is the new "And I am also of the opinion that Carthage should be destroyed.


In defense of the 25 man

OK, this is wierd.  I am going to make a defense of the Sabean De-Boch-able that is the April 2009 25 man roster.  Also - the original thread hit 1200 comments and is busted like a Dravecky Wing. C...


Trade Value of Randy Winn

  The Redsox just traded Coco Crisp to the Royals for relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez.  Crisp is like a younger, slightly worse Randy Winn.  He is due <$6M next year with a small ($500K) buyout for...


World Series Dilemma Poll

So, the inevitably horrible has happened (unless you own stock in Disney/ESPN) and the Dodgers are playing the Red Sox in the World Series.    Do you wish for a stray meteor to strike the stadium...


Immortal Indignity

At the beginning of the season I wondered if the Giants could manage to put together one of the worst offensive infields of all time.  This you can measure with a stat call sOPS+ - which measures...


Defensive Perception

Have you ever noticed how the worse a teams' offense, the better perceived it's defense (including pitching)?  I have noticed this for the last couple years with the Giants and 49ers.  In the 49ers...


Fan Post Registration Fan Post

  So, it has been mentioned, many, many times that there are too many fan posts, and particularly too many on the same subjects.  So, I would propose to use this Fan Post thread as an area where...


Great Googly Moogly!

  Zito DEMOTED to bullpen!   That is really truly shocking. Also, I cannot believe I am the first one to post it.  Also, I can't beleive these stupid things hav to be 75 chars.  If I wrote it in...


Old Dogs and New Tricks

Anyone still think Sabean has "turned the corner" as a GM?  I posted this on BTF... and I thought it was good enough to repeat here:Sabean is the GM equivalent of Scottish food.  It's like all his...


Why you keep Lincecanium

OK, I decided there weren't enough Diaries on this issue, so I made my own.It makes no sense for the Giants to trade either Lincecum or Cain (barring some ridiculous deal).a) any such deal is...


1 millionth rebuilding thread

So, there have been 999,999 threads on Mcc about retooling the Giants for 2009 and beyond.I just want to point out that the probability of your rebuilding success is not dependent on the amount of...

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