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AGOP: Zero2426's Mock Offseason Extraordinaire

Alright, children, here's my entry for my mock. I hope you enjoy, and keep quiet if you don't ;) Step One: Restructuring! We have a financial situation that Greece would feel bad about. After...


Unpopular Opinions, Zero Care: We don't need to improve the O-Line

Alright children, this is the first entry in my series where I go over the many unpopular opinions I have that are actually totally right. I will explain why I am right and you all are wrong. If...


1:35. Best. Thing. Ever


New Full Offseason Mock

Estimated 2013 Cap: $ 124,500,000 Current Cap: $147,045,333 Cuts: OLB Calvin Pace: Savings: 8.5 mil OT Jason Smith: Savings: 12 mil ILB Bart Scott: Savings: 7.1 mil S Eric Smith:...


Guidelines for Building a Mock Draft

Here are a few tips and tricks for building a mock draft: 1) A Sixth Rounder is Not Going To Start: Nor will a fifth rounder, or a seventh rounder, or even a fourth rounder. Of the last 5 or so...


New York Jets Mock Draft- Post Senior Bowl

Going in, I am predicting that we will resign our guards, Moore and Slauson, and will pick up a free agent safety. So, here are our estimated needs going into the draft Strong Need: ROLB, FS,...


First Full 2013 Offseason Mock

Coaching Staff: Head Coach: Rex Ryan Offensive Coordinator: Marty Morhinweig Defensive Coordinator: Dennis Thurman Special Teams Coordinator: Ben Kotwicka Quarterbacks: David Lee Estimated...


Team building blocks

Well, the playoffs aint happening this year, and we're on the decline. We have to go into rebuild mode, in my opinion. We probably wont be competitive for at least 5 years. Here is who, in my...

Why Coples will win DROY

Look at these numbers. Coples has nearly as many individual tackles as Chandler Jones, but from a less tackle availible position and with WAY less play time. And he only has 3 less sacks. But remember, Coples has had at least 2 sacks taken back by penalties like intentional grounding. So he has effectively comparable numbers with WAY less time. I'm excited

Any OOTPers here? For those who don't know, OOTP is a semi popular PC baseball sim among baseball...

Any OOTPers here? For those who don't know, OOTP is a semi popular PC baseball sim among baseball nerds like us. Anyone here play the game? (If I can't post this as a fanshot, I apologize)


Just watched Sports Center...



Position Battles- Part 1, Quarterbacks

This is the first of a 23 part series detailing the position battles of the Jets offseason. The Jets have a lot of great battles to look forward to, so here are a detailed look at one of the...


2012 Roster and Position Battle Preview

This offseason and preseason, as with any season, will be full of intriguing position battles. The Jets have a multitude of talented young players but a limited amount of roster spots. The draft...

Terrence Ganaway Ownage 1:18- 'Nuff said

Terrence Ganaway Ownage 1:18- 'Nuff said


A quick thought on the outside linebacker position

The jets should look at Cots DE Jerry Hughes. He was a first round pick, and is considered a "bust". But as Maybin showed us, bust is a temporary name. He was a popular mock to the Jets in the 2010...

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