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My "Draft" and "Do Not Draft" Lists for the Wizards

I'm sure you've heard about a million times by now that the draft class of 2012 is very deep and very promising. You know why? Because it's very true. Apart from the phenomenon that is Anthony...


There is a solid team on this roster - if they get the minutes

As terrible as the Wizards look, right now, I honestly believe that they are not nearly as bad talent-wise as their record suggests. I think that Wizards players can be sorted into three tiers: the...

Simmons Predicts 4 years, $30 mil for Nick


Seems pretty high to me, as do most of his predictions. $50 mil for Arron Afflalo? Unlikely.


Dustin Pedroia vs. Hanley Ramirez

I play in a 12 team keeper league where we can keep 5 players. The scoring system is head to head and points based (traditional scoring, no penalty for strikeouts). This is my current lineup, with...


Derrick Rose was Undeserving of MVP

As I watch Derrick Rose take bad shot after bad shot in the final minutes of this game 4, I can't help but wonder how in the world this player was selected the MVP. Yes, he's being defended well by...


Jonas Valanciunas?

I know we're all disappointed that we're not going to have a shot at Enes Kanter, but Mr. Valanciunas seems like a good consolation prize. He's a great rebounder and he's not afraid of banging...


Another Small Victory for Wins Produced

Many of you are familiar with David Berri's wins produced metric, and many of you hate it. For the record, here are the top 3 win producers for this Wizards this season (note: the average player...


Trevor Booker is the Power Forward of the Future

I don't think anyone realizes just how much of a beast Trevor has become as the season's gone on. Take a look at his per36 stats post all-star break: 13.7 pts, 57.4% FG, 10.1 reb,  Are you kidding...


Who do you think is responsible for the Wizards' losing?

It's certainly no debate that the Wizards aren't a very good team. They are, in fact, an awful, awful team, boasting the worst road record in the league at 0-19. Obviously, there's a reason for the...


Why is everyone so low on JaVale McGee?

I just don't understand the way that McGee is talked about around here. The fact that he's even mentioned in the same breath as Andray is an insult to JaVale. Just take a look at his per36 stat...


The future of the organization

I know it is a little early in the season to be making major judgments, but, so far, I think its pretty clear what Ernie has to do to build a winner around John Wall. JaVale has been fantastic so...


Wizards in NBA 2k11

There's already another fanpost about NBA 2k11, but I thought I'd create new one just to focus the conversation on playing as the wizards. First of all, I'm a little confused as to why the AI trade...


4 team trade evaluation

This is pretty Wizards unrelated, but I am interested to see what all of you think of the big 4 team trade that just happened on a team by team basis. Here's my evaluation, feel free to post your...


Website that tracks Wins Produced?

I just finished the book Stumbling on Wins by David Berri and Martin Schmidt. It was a fascinating book and brought up a lot of excellent points, but before mentioning those I was wondering where...

The Wizards went into the draft, drafted Wall and walked out with the rights to four other players....


The Wizards went into the draft, drafted Wall and walked out with the rights to four other players. Even so, there are plenty of fans who are not so pleased with the night's take. Those fans clearly don't know what they're talking about.

an excerpt from an article on bleacher report that just seemed mean spirited. Just another example of outsiders grossly overrating our draft because of john wall. I made a very pissy comment, but I would stand by it.

Why the Wizards shouldn't touch Patrick Patterson

There's been a lot of positive buzz on this blog lately about Patrick Patterson and the Wiz potentially nabbing him if they get the 9th, 10th or 11th pick. The prospect of this scares me....


Why do y'all hate LeBron so much?

I don't want to seem like an idiot here...I'm aware of most of our history with LeBron. But I was really young when the rivalry was born so I didn't really experience it. As a result I just don't...


How would you evaluate the trades now that the dust has settled?

Assuming the front office is happy with what its done and isn't planning on any more trades, here is what we gained and lost.   Wizards gained: Josh Howard (expiring contract) Quinton Ross J...


What's going to happen with Gilbert?

This might be an ignorant question, but I haven't heard any trade rumors involving GA, and I was wondering what's going to happen with him. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there's no interest...

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