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A Falcons theme song


Click on Recent, then Go Falcons, Go. Courtesy of Mark Bradley's column this morning.

DJ Shockley released


Nice guy, good college player with a lot of heart. Not an NFL calibre QB though

cutting the lid off the dome


Haven't seen this posted here. Doesn't sound like the Falcons are high on the idea. I sort of agree. Really you'd have to be high to spend $550 million dollars to renovate that place


Happy belated 25th birthday to Matt Ryan

I was listening to 92.9 yesterday on my way home and they had an extended interview with Matt and a bunch of people calling in to wish him well...they temporarily renamed the station from Dave FM...

British football (soccer) reforms


More than a little off topic but I thought this was interesting. It has a little bit of a socialist ring to it but the fan owned model works in GB "The government is to unveil radical proposals that would give football fans first option to buy their clubs when they were put up for sale and require clubs to hand over a stake of up to 25% to supporters' groups."

Jerry Glanville has a lot of nerve


To hear him tell it, he saved Favre's life and his career. I don't buy it


Extra ticket to GT-UGA game

I have an extra ticket to the Georgia - Georgia Tech game I've been having an unexpectedly hard time to find a taker for . Don't know if its the start time (8:00 pm), the holidays, or what but I've...

Jeff Schultz wants you to change your name


Apperently, you won some kind of contest to get linked on his blogroll but he did call the blog falconholic. Jeff writes "The Falconoholic is written by "Dave The Falconer" (of course). It’s well put together, frequently updated and is written for a quick, easy read"


New stadium deal before 2013?

I remember there was talk of this a while back but it didn't seem all that likely to happen to me. I guess I underestimated the situation. This quote from McKay really made it seem like a foregone...

Roster Cuts


"Defensive tackles Jason Jefferson and Tywain Myles and long snapper Robert Shiver were released."

Mark Bradley


The title of the post is a little misleading. MB mainly links to articles most of have probably already seen. We are Falcoholics after all. Whlle I like MB because he's got a good sense of humor, he's the worst prognosticator in the sports biz and buried in the comments you'll see this gem from r. Bradley - "I’ve said it before: I think they’ll be a better team with a slightly worse record, and I think they’ll win the NFC South." Well, now I'm worried

Top 10: Most Valuable Atlanta Falcons


I've got some issues with this list.Clabo at 8? Abraham at 7? Still its interesting


Vick to Niners rumour

Not trying to stir up Vick controversy, just wondering what folks think about this possibility. It must have come up. They're interviewing Danny Boy after all. I think if anybody can straighten...

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