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Rogan and Goldberg commentate on EA UFC Glitches


Not 49ers or even football related; just some humor to get us through this super-boring portion of the off-season. I was laughing so hard my stomach still hurts. Enjoy.... :-)

More NFL Bad Lip Reading, Hilarious!!!


More of the same from last years Bad Lip Reading. Funny.



Used to live in NC so I receive a lot of NC news. Ran across this and I thought is was a good story. About Mike Tolbert and how he reacted after the Eric Reid concussion. A good distraction amid the build up to the Seattle game. Enjoy :-)

44 Schianos


The GIF's in this article are hilarious. The final score is even more impressive.

NFL Arrests by Team Infographic


Nice graphic showing all the arrests throughout the NFL from 2000 to present.

Ridiculous QB Contracts


Assuming Kaepernick wins us a Super Bowl. What do you feel his extension looks like? IMO Kaep is already a better QB.

Dwayne Bowe


What are everyone's thoughts on Dwayne Bowe to the 49ers? I'm not a numbers guy with salary caps and salaries and whatnot. Though some of you are... :-) Any thoughts on his effectiveness in our system? What role could he fill? Would he be worth the likely high price?

Super Bowl Officiating Graded


Pretty good video detailing the terrible Super Bowl officiating.

Now we will have to deal with a Ryan twice per year, in addition to all the Jets coverage


By "deal" I don't mean deal with his fantastic defense. But rather deal with the Ryan persona and the media love of such.

Take that Warren Sapp!!!!!!


I love Brandon Marshal's response to Warren Sapp. I can't stand Sapp, I honestly can't stand most NFL pregame shows and the manufactured "Swagger" and the constant laughing and yelling at each other. Additionally, I think that Sapp was one of the dirtiest players around; who justfied it to himself and others as being "tough" or "hard-nosed." It makes me happy to read Marshal's comments. Please stop hiring ex-players as "analysts."

Post Game Reaction from Green Bay Players


I always think it is interesting to hear the POV of the opposing players after any game. Enjoy.

Manusky to Colts


I wish him luck, he was a coach I really liked during the dark years.


Commentator Bias?

Sorry if this has been brought up. Re-watching the Niners/Saints game and it seems as though "moose" is awefully dismissive of anything SF does regardless of how great. While he gushes over the...

Niners, Eagles Referee News?


Something like this, because of the complaining Vick did is going to cost us. I envision it being a critical or near critical situation when the players' adrenaline is pumping. Vick gets hit legally, we get flagged because of the extra press.

Plaxico Burress will join the Jets


Burress joins the Jets. I'm okay with our patience first attitude. The Staff isn't adopting a "Super Bowl or Bust" theme with the free agent signings. I think it makes sense. The new staff wants to see what they have, play a season, build through the draft and free agency at that point. Not being contenders for so long is frustrating, but I think we're adopting the correct attitude moving forward.


Your Fantasy Football team name

I saw a list of the most common FF team names.  It made me think.  What are your team names.  I'm in two FF leagues.  My team names are as follows: Yellow Fever Frost Donkey They are a bit silly,...

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