World Series

Chemistry? Sure, but Red Sox loaded with talent


Chemistry means little if the team isn't any good, and this Red Sox team was great.


Obama talks Papi, Koji with Farrell

The awesomeness of Big Papi and Koji has not escaped the President's notice.


Red Sox World Series parade: Video, pictures, more

The Red Sox celebrated their championship season with a parade through Boston.

Baseball has brains, how about a soul?


What does baseball have to do with the metaphysical, and do we place too much value on the emotions we feel after a season ends? Did the Red Sox do anything more than just win the 2013 World Series?


How to watch the Red Sox parade

Find out how to watch the Red Sox party through the streets of Boston on Saturday.


Red Sox parade route

Find out where you can take part in the Red Sox parade on Saturday in Boston.


Nice weather expected for Red Sox parade

The forecast for Boston on Saturday? Partying. And 65-degree temperatures.


Red Sox parade essentials

Find out how to watch the Red Sox continue their World Series celebration.


Reynolds could replace McCarver

Reynolds is reportedly ahead of John Smoltz and Tom Verducci in the race to replace McCarver.


The most-TiVo'd moments of the World Series

Courtesy of TiVo Research & Analytics, the keepsakes fans have reserved to cheer them through the long, grey, depressing baseball-free winter.

Improbability: the force towards the championship


The Red Sox, a bunch of misfits and bearded bandits, personified how the improbable is always possible in their World Series championship.

Papi chugged ridiculously expensive champagne


Poor, poor, Quintin Berry, in multiple senses of that word.

The Red Sox: Getting used to getting used to it

There can never be another championship like 2004, but that doesn't diminish this year's victory so much as it requires us to recalibrate our expectations from anticipating catharsis to enjoying...

Even weathermen are upset about the Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals offense couldn't get the job done in the World Series. Let's see what this passive-aggressive weatherman has to say!

Sox championship parade set for Saturday


Boston will celebrate their championship baseball team early morning Saturday, starting at the home of the Red Sox.

Most valuable Red Sox: Postseason edition


It's been a long and excellent ride all the way to the top for the Red Sox. Who led the charge?

World Series champions, through the lens of John Henry


I love this picture, because it's like a proud father wanting a shot of his boys in a rare moment when they're all together, before that chance disappears. Given baseball is, in reality, a business, and both players and coaches will part ways in the next few weeks, there's just something touching about billionaire John Henry making sure he snaps at least one photo of the whole bunch as one, then proudly sharing it with the rest of us.

Boston Strong


In which we thank the Red Sox for a truly amazing season.

This is what happens when it all goes right


No one will ever believe you, but the Red Sox are 2013 World Series champions.

Baseball's model team is its champion

The past isn't prologue, not anymore, and the rivalry doesn't matter. The Red Sox are no longer a team burying ghosts, they are simply a team that wins.


McCarver & Buck reenact 'Ghost'

The lead national analyst for MLB called his last game on Wednesday night, and his exit was memorable.

World Series lineups: Shane returns, moves down


Shane Victorino is back in the lineup Wednesday night as the Red Sox look to clinch the 2013 World Series.

Fisk, Tiant throwing out Game 6 first pitches


Two Red Sox playoff legends will throw out the ceremonial first pitches before Game 6 of the World Series.

Koji Uehara can't wait to 'drink a lot of beer'

The Red Sox closer has been blogging throughout the postseason, and now that it's translated into English, we know he's even more delightful than we could have imagined.

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