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Kylian Mbappe is already among the world’s best at 23

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Send help, I’m obsessed with ‘The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express’

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Giannis is the first athlete to talk about birthday sex while holding a giant Homer Simpson

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How the Bengals fixed their early-season passing woes

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NBA Scores: The Pacers are making us all look silly

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NFL mock draft 2023: Updated first round projection ahead of bowl season

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We ranked NBA fake viral videos and Steph Curry’s barely made the cut

The MLB draft lottery, explained

The Saints confuse Tom Brady early, but the veteran QB has the last laugh

Brazil is an unstoppable goal scoring machine

How the 49ers took away the Dolphins’ greatest strengths

4 teams who could sign Baker Mayfield after he was released

Jalen Hurts’ big outing against the Titans should scare the rest of the NFC

Bol Bol is getting the chance to show just how great he can be

Deshaun Watson scored fewer points in his return than the number of accusations against him

Deion Sanders told his Colorado players to ‘jump in that portal,’ in one of the best speeches you’ll see

NFL Playoff Picture 2022, as it stands

The 49ers’ Super Bowl hopes might rest in the hands of Brock Purdy

Cristiano Ronaldo is being offered $200M a YEAR to play in Saudi Arabia

Stephen Curry’s latest viral video is fake, but he’s so good it’s almost believable

NBA Scores: Anthony Davis owns the weekend with a couple of amazing games

Jimmy Garoppolo’s season-ending foot injury means Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy is the 49ers’ starter

Mike Tomlin does not have time for your halftime shenanigans

The Vikings twerking after faking an injury is the NFL’s most disrespectful TD celebration

College Football Playoff: Ohio State sneaks in as the top 3 remain the same

Trae Young skipped a game after an ultimatum from Hawks coaches

Tommy Shelby would never settle for a tie

The Ravens should never run this play again

Establish the Fun: Maxx Crosby, Brian Burns, and the art of elite EDGE play

Olivier Giroud passes Thierry Henry as the all-time leading scorer for France’s men’s team

Why the Cowboys will have a red stripe on their helmet tonight against the Colts.

USMNT’s World Cup performance only raises expectations for 2026

Linebacker Sterling Dixon announced his Alabama decision with an epic video

Will the United States automatically qualify for the 2026 World Cup?

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Ohio State sneaks into the College Football Playoff at No. 4

Now that the United States is eliminated, who should you root for at the World Cup?

This World Cup has featured some of the biggest upsets in history

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