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Jacob deGrom had one of the greatest, silliest Cy Young seasons ever

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Review: Nathan Peterman was the worst NFL quarterback we’ve seen, and for that we’ll miss him

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The 76ers lost to the Magic in Jimmy Butler’s debut, and it’s OK

“Look for a Window”: The Hall of Fame journey of Martin St. Louis

Replacing your mentor is weird. Here’s how the new Raptors’ coach is handling it

For NFL practice squad players, the ‘checks aren’t what you think they are’

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Villanova-Michigan rematch highlights Gavitt Games, a perfect return for college basketball

Jimmy Butler and the 76ers need each other, now more than ever

The Steelers raided Le’Veon Bell’s locker after he officially no-showed

Here’s where you can find the NBA City Edition jerseys, T-shirts, and apparel

An ode to the screen pass, the secret weapon of the NFL’s best offenses

It Seemed Smart podcast

The Sportsperson’s Guide to Cheating Poorly.

A history of Kevin Durant and Draymond Green’s Warriors drama

This college player’s cheap shot was so dirty, he got banned from campus

4 teams that could actually handle Manny Machado’s shenanigans

Andrew Luck is turning the Colts into a contender one play-action pass at a time

Is this how the Warriors’ dynasty finally ends?

These photos of Trae Young and Kevin Durant over the years are so adorable

Kiffin’s recruiting a middle schooler again, offering Matt Leinart’s son

Patrick Mahomes returns to ‘Fortnite,’ only to get killed by someone in his jersey

Piesman Trophy 2018

Worst call of NFL Week 10: Where’s the consistency, refs?

Who’s the best 1-loss team in the NFL?

The 7 greatest games in the history of the SEC-SoCon Challenge

How adding Ian Book pushed Notre Dame toward the Playoff

Ben Roethlisberger joined an elite club with his third perfect performance

How Week 12’s top-25 games will change the New Year’s picture

Where ‘Last Chance U’ stars from all 3 seasons are in 2018

NFL Panic Index: Uh oh, Tom Brady doesn’t look like *Tom Brady*

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Calling Kevin Durant a b—h cost Draymond Green $120,000. Worth it?

NFL picks 2018, Week 11: Experts taking Rams and Steelers to win

The 5 most fireable NFL coaches after Week 10

There’s a way to create even more Steelers vs. Le’Veon Bell drama in 2019

Why did the NFL move the Chiefs vs. Rams game from Mexico City to Los Angeles?

Is the Kevin Durant-Draymond Green shouting match a big deal?

Did Le’Veon Bell change holdouts forever?

PAPN: Is chalk in college football truly a bad thing?