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Why NFL backup QBs are succeeding now more than ever

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Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are always the game to watch

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Why it’s still hard to believe an NFL team will sign Colin Kaepernick

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The Myles Garrett vs. Mason Rudolph Steelers-Browns fight, explained

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Carmelo Anthony’s greatest chapters, ranked

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Gun violence prevention often starts with high school football

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Kirk Cousins is proving he’s not the same old Kirk Cousins anymore

The Deshaun Watson vs. Lamar Jackson rivalry is BACK

Jayson Tatum looks like a budding star for the Celtics even when he’s struggling

The Colts’ keg stand celebration is an instant classic

5 NFL teams that should seriously consider signing Colin Kaepernick

Why are the Lakers so good? Their roster is an elite blueprint

5 remaining NFL games we’re most excited for this season

Why Carmelo Anthony has the entire basketball world rooting for him

Monmouth gave us the funniest ending to a basketball game in recent memory

Couldn’t Be Me: How to tell a friend what they don’t want to hear

Did the NFL give Myles Garrett the right punishment?

This was always a transition year for the Trail Blazers. Carmelo Anthony won’t change that


Dorktown: The majesty of Steve Bono’s 76-yard touchdown run might never be seen in the NFL again

Myles Powell is one of the greatest college basketball players Tom Izzo has ever seen

The Celtics have no ceiling

What signing Carmelo Anthony says about the Blazers

Don’t ever take your eyes off Ja Morant

The 5 worst remaining games this NFL season

A Pokemon Sword and Shield draft, because we are a sports website

Mike Trout is the MVP of MVP voting

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MLB holiday gift guide 2019

Trying to predict the contracts for 24 select baseball free agents this winter, led by Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, and Stephen Strasburg.

How Aron Baynes went from role player to star for the Suns

The Spurs have a LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan problem

Why athletes like Jimmy Butler and LeBron James manufacture disrespect

The Knicks are committing crimes against basketball

We stan Lamar Jackson’s triple-Heisman pitch to RG3

James Wiseman’s NCAA eligibility, explained

The Warriors’ big D’Angelo Russell conundrum

There’s a major flaw for each of the AFC’s top 4 contenders

The beef between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley will never die

Jadeveon Clowney has never been better, stats be damned