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MLB Playoffs 2022: How every team can win the World Series, ranked by tiers

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Our expert NFL picks for Week 5 of 2022

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Patrick Surtain II is already an elite cornerback, and he is just getting started

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Steeve Ho You Fat is suddenly everyone’s favorite French basketball player

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ESPN’s offensive scheme segment on ‘NFL Live’ is what we need more of

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Victor Wembanyama is generational, Scoot Henderson is incredible, and more from pre-NBA draft matchup

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MLB playoffs 2022: Bracket, full schedule, start times and predictions

Jimbo Fisher gets $86M if Texas A&M fire him


TikTok witches say Tom Brady’s career is over after spells cast by Gisele will end

Stephen Vogt’s final game before retiring had a storybook ending for the A’s

How the 49ers trapped the Rams on their first touchdown

Fat Bear ‘901’ is the greatest fat bear of ‘Fat Bear Week’

Plants wielding machetes should amaze and terrify you

The endless Aaron Judge cut-ins at least led to some funny memes

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The Braves just won the first great pennant race of this era

F1 cost cap explainer: What is the cost cap and are penalties coming?

Darvin Ham wants the Lakers to focus on the real Ws and Ls ... wisdom and lessons

Baseball fan risks life and limb in effort to catch Judge’s 62nd home run, comes up a bit short

How NFL teams are reviving the run game in 2022

How Deebo Samuel became the NFL’s most dangerous man after the catch

Baker Mayfield is inches away from success, but it’s a big gap for the Panthers

Aaron Judge hits his 62nd home run, setting a new American League record

ESPN’s new NBA theme is ruined by triumphant farting horns

Victor Wembanyama vs. Scoot Henderson is the NBA draft scouting event of the season

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Report: Tom Brady on the verge of losing one of his rings

How many pumps is too many? A modest suggestion for thrusting celebrations

College football winners and losers: Alabama’s death machine looks as scary as ever

This poker hand is under investigation. Is it cheating or just sexism?

A fan ran onto the 49ers field with pink smoke bomb, and Bobby Wagner leveled him with a hit

The wild story of the fishing cheating scandal that could lead to anglers being arrested

What the hell is wrong with the Cardinals?

The Chiefs are still explosive, and it starts up front

Saquon Barkley is carrying the Giants and demolishing everyone while doing it

2 winners and 4 losers from Week 4 in the NFL

Patrick Mahomes’ spinning, leaping, improvisational TD toss is one of his best ever

College football rankings: Takeaways from new AP Poll, where a ‘big 3’ is forming at top

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