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The CFB Fun Blog: Week 4’s fun, weird, and interesting stuff

What Week 4’s top-25 scores mean, updated all Saturday

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Baker Mayfield gives the Browns honest-to-god hope

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The Miami Dolphins are no fluke at 2-0. How are they doing it?

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The Timberwolves are shutting down trade offers for Jimmy Butler. They shouldn’t be.

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The five Laker lineups we most want to see this season

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Remember when Kemba Walker and Connecticut won 5 tournament games in 5 days?

The Game 7 walk-off finish to the 2001 World Series needs a deep rewind

What if Arkansas is the only team Colorado State beats all year?

VT is on UPSET ALERT on the road against Old Dominion

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: a 17-play drive ends on a punt

VT QB Josh Jackson leaves Old Dominion game with injury

Frost and Nebraska talked tough. Harbaugh wasn’t merciful.

Even Wendy’s is roasting Nebraska and its fans after it got destroyed by Michigan

See if you can spot the problem with this graphic about the Bills’ travel to ‘Minnesota’

Piesman Trophy 2018

Who’s in and who’s out of the MLB postseason?

SMU used a weird formation to con Navy on game-winning 2-pointer

Nebraska is making an art form out of the slow start

Innovative Nebraska just invented the volleyball safety

Devious Wake Forest breaks out kickerless field goal formation

Look at this textbook lead-blocking technique from the ref on a UGA fumble TD

Oregon’s best ‘GameDay’ signs were all about Willie Taggart

Why the MSU-Indiana trophy is a thing people spit into

Tennessee-Florida has 4 ridiculous endings in a row

Richard Sherman vs. Patrick Mahomes is the NFL’s must-watch matchup Sunday

Melisa Reidy’s domestic abuse allegations deserve to be heard, regardless of timing

UNC players donated their meal money to hurricane victims

Tiger Woods is in position to finish his incredible comeback year with a win

Penn State trailed Illinois in the 3rd ... and won by *how much*?

Brisket-lovin’ Jimbo would go vegan for a year to beat Bama

Is Joe Burrow good?

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

One of the surest things in football gambling

NIU-FSU is among the saddest major bowl rematches ever

Jimbo and Saban: the biggest battle of contracts ever

Your Watch Grid guide to college football’s best Week 4 games

Welp, Illinois attempted a 52-yard FG while down 18 to Penn State