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Alan Williams’ mysterious departure as Bears’ defensive coordinator, explained by what we really know

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Travis Kelce is still shooting his shot when it comes to Taylor Swift

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Justin Fields and Luke Getsy shared the most awkward hug of the NFL season

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Our expert NFL picks for Week 3 of 2023

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Saudi Prince drops truth bomb on PGA Tour deal; ‘I will continue sportswashing’

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QB contracts make the coach more expendable than the player

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Ronald Acuña Jr. is closing in on baseball immortality

Mad Dog’s ‘First Take’ rant about getting high and betting on Colorado left Marcus Spears stunned

The NFL’s 9 unbeaten teams, ranked by their Super Bowl chances

Lewis Hamilton is up all night to get lucky

Serge Ibaka was an NBA pioneer, on and off the court

Justin Fields suggests Bears coaching is the problem, and he might be right

This angle of Bijan Robinson’s run shows just how talented Falcons RB is

Jared Goff’s play fake was so good he got rocked into the shadow realm

College football rewind: Alabama’s quarterback problems, Michael Penix is the real deal, and more

This incredible goalie goal made Champions League history

6 NFL teams that could make Deion Sanders their biggest head coaching target in 2024

Bijan Robinson’s ‘holy ****’ moments are electrifying the Falcons

How Keegan Bradley learned of Ryder Cup ‘devastation’ will make you cringe

NFL’s 9 winless teams, ranked by their chances of making the playoffs

Why are the Chargers like this?

Bryce Young isn’t a bust. Stop being an idiot.

Deshaun Watson is struggling. What can the Browns do to fix it?

Jayson Tatum’s new leg tattoo sure is something a person could get tattooed on them

Deion Sanders has Colorado dominating college football TV ratings

Colts TE Kyler Granson really did a newborn photoshoot with his touchdown ball

Sanders, Hunter admonish death threats, forgive player who injured Colorado star

Aston Martin’s struggles, McLaren’s rise, and more storylines for the Japanese Grand Prix

The Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders (for real this time... seriously)

Playing quarterback is hard, starring Kenny Pickett

The timing might be perfect for Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers

Ref tells Geno Smith ‘I’m talking to America’ as he tries to argue call

Justin Fields was supposed to be Bears great hope. Is he already a bust?

The NFL ruined Patriots’ awesome lateral to lineman

Breece Hall is throwing his Jets coaches under the bus, and the vibes are bad

The Bears telegraphed game-deciding pick-6 so badly the Bucs knew it was coming

Broncos pulled off Hail Mary miracle only to get screwed by refs on 2-point conversion

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