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Why The Open is the best major in golf

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Dorktown: Mavericks-Spurs, and the greatest coaching performance in NBA history

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How an undrafted Arian Foster set a Texans record in his second start

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The next 3 NBA stars to change teams

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Adam Sandler’s worst movie derailed Rex Ryan’s coaching career

The NFL should flush the idea of an 18-game schedule right down the toilet

The 11 best rookies at the NBA Summer League, ranked

Phil Mickelson’s fasting and ‘wellness’ coffee won’t win him The Open

11 potential NFL player holdouts, ranked from most to least likely to happen

‘Madden’ should bring back Rushing Attack, the best thing it ever made

How important is Melvin Gordon to the Chargers’ Super Bowl chances?

How cricket’s absolutely bananas ‘Super Over’ tiebreaker decided the World Cup

Kevin Durant lived his best life this summer, even if it didn’t make any sense

Big East basketball summer power rankings

What the hell, Ketel Marte?

Never forget Jason Sehorn once returned an onside kick for a touchdown

Anthony Davis ghosts Team USA after learning Monstars didn’t qualify for World Cup

Plan the perfect BBQ and we’ll give you a WNBA team to cheer for

The WNBA is better than ever and it’s time to find a team to follow this summer.


Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon in one of the greatest finals in history

How to design a perfect Tour de France route

Two French riders rode a magnificent Tour breakaway together and my heart is soaring

8 reasons why the Raiders are PERFECT for ‘Hard Knocks’


The youngest to 1,000: How LeBron and Kobe reached a scoring milestone in their teens

Fighting in the age of loneliness

This is the story of our weird, stupid, magical bloodsport.

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Grayson Allen never learns his lesson

How a Tour de France team saved itself from a Yellow Helmet Emergency

Sam Presti lost a potential Thunder dynasty. Now he can try again

The Rockets’ system can actually get the best out of Russell Westbrook

Which city should be the next to host an NFL franchise?

The World Cup, and the challenge of working in a second language

7 NBA championship contenders, ranked

Russell Westbrook trade to Rockets has only 1 winner, and it’s not Houston

Just how badly would the most diehard NFL fans react if their team moved?