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Lonzo Ball is broken, and the Bulls are, too

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Four tactical matchups that will decide the 2022 World Cup quarterfinals

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Is Aaron Judge the wealthiest judge of all time? An economic investigation

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Portugal’s post-Cristiano Ronaldo future looks bright

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4 DJ Uiagalelei transfer spots to help former Clemson QB reach full potential

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The Warriors gifted Jazz last second win on most chaotic ending of NBA season

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Kenny Smith delivers revenge for all the people Shaq bullied during his playing days

MLB used different baseballs in 2022, and juiced ones showed up at Yankees games

NBA Scores: Only a nasty fever can stop Anthony Davis

Andrew Luck helped me understand letting go of football

Brittney Griner update: Negotiations between U.S. and Russia active per Sec. State Blinken

Arson Judge does not sign with the Giants, and neither does Aaron Judge

Kylian Mbappe is already among the world’s best at 23

NFL playoff scenarios for Week 14

The NBA created a meaningless trophy for best regular season team no one will respect

Ja Morant is beyond all comparisons

Send help, I’m obsessed with ‘The Deion Sanders Hot Dog Express’

How the Bengals fixed their early-season passing woes

Giannis is the first athlete to talk about birthday sex while holding a giant Homer Simpson

NBA Scores: The Pacers are making us all look silly

NFL mock draft 2023: Updated first round projection ahead of bowl season

Lamar Jackson injury: Ravens QB is ‘week-to-week’ after a knee injury

Aaron Rodgers called Chicago his ‘second home,’ but the Bears are the team trending up

Mikal Bridges ‘Iron Man’ streak goes all the way back to high school

We ranked NBA fake viral videos and Steph Curry’s barely made the cut

The MLB draft lottery, explained

The Saints confuse Tom Brady early, but the veteran QB has the last laugh

Brazil is an unstoppable goal scoring machine

How the 49ers took away the Dolphins’ greatest strengths

4 teams who could sign Baker Mayfield after he was released

Jalen Hurts’ big outing against the Titans should scare the rest of the NFC

Bol Bol is getting the chance to show just how great he can be

Deshaun Watson scored fewer points in his return than the number of accusations against him

Deion Sanders told his Colorado players to ‘jump in that portal,’ in one of the best speeches you’ll see

NFL Playoff Picture 2022, as it stands

The 49ers’ Super Bowl hopes might rest in the hands of Brock Purdy

Cristiano Ronaldo is being offered $200M a YEAR to play in Saudi Arabia

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