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Damian Lillard’s very funny workout video begs the question: What do NBA players owe us in the offseason?

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NFL Panic Index 2018: The Patriots’ surprise bet for an offensive revival

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18 thoughts about the Red Sox fans who held an AL East banner hostage in the trunk of their car

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How LA’s NFL Stadium Will Seal the Fate of Inglewood Restaurants

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Let’s make a Maroon 5 Super Bowl set list for Atlanta

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Jon Jones given 15-month suspension after arbitration in USADA case

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The Game 7 walk-off finish to the 2001 World Series needs a deep rewind

6 players we want to see in ‘Space Jam 2’ alongside LeBron James

Explaining the MLB postseason tiebreakers

Ranking Jon Gruden’s best quotes in his Raiders return, from Khalil Mack to Tom Cruise

Jimmy Butler doesn’t want to play with LeBron James. Is this a new superstar trend?

Well, Colorado’s mascot shot himself below the belt with a t-shirt cannon

3 teams Jimmy Butler wants to be traded to, and 3 he may actually end up with

How Mychal Kendricks is allowed to play for the Seahawks right now

Cristiano Ronaldo gets red card for absolutely no reason

‘Space Jam 2’ with LeBron James is actually happening

Notre Dame and Vandy accuse each other of BAD FOOTBALL

The Steelers’ frustrations are starting to bubble over

Jimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota. This is how we got here.

Why you should give Maroon 5’s Super Bowl halftime show a chance

Here’s Brian Urlacher’s halftime speech ESPN didn’t show during ‘Monday Night Football’

PAPN: Why are so many first-year college football coaches struggling?

HS team successfully stops a QB kneeldown, then it gets even better

What the hell is Steve Wilks even doing with this Cardinals defense?

Tom Brady considered leaving the Patriots after tension boiled over with Bill Belichick

Geno Atkins put the Ravens in a blender to mixup the AFC North

OK, fine, let’s laugh at Neymar

This Texas grandma killed a 12-foot gator and got revenge for her mini horse

Review: Blaine Gabbert throwing 2 incomplete passes in 1 play is art

Everything you need to know about the new ‘PlayStation Classic’

The Elton Brand hire is both a safe pick and huge risk for Sixers

Worst call of the Week: Roughing the passer or clean hit?

Is Joe Burrow good?

NFL ties are contagious and 5 more fun facts on the worst outcome in football

One of the surest things in football gambling

Blue-Chip Ratio teams becoming even bigger CFB title favorites

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