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The worst MLB pitching debut was a perfect storm of humiliation

‘Gritty’, the internet’s most beloved mascot, explained

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An all-woman NFL broadcast team should be more than an alternative

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Everyone is blown away with how much stronger Lonzo Ball is

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David Wright is saving the Mets $21 million by sort of retiring

Here’s how many games your CFB team will probably win

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Shohei Ohtani will have Tommy John surgery after the season because everything is bad

Baker Mayfield has the best Heisman House commercials

The best early bets for Week 5 of college football

The Redbox Bowl is the Blockbuster Bowl’s spiritual successor

Defensive indifference is dumb, and teams should feel bad for practicing it

How to make the awful Best FIFA Football Awards better, in 2 simple steps

How Kentucky’s physical (and explosive) run game works

2018 was The Summer of LeBron

The NFL eyeing a quick fix for the roughing the passer rule. Will it work?

USC recruiting story in The Rock’s ‘Ballers’ is amazingly absurd

Please watch the most beautiful stiff arm we’ve ever seen on ‘Monday Night Football’

Sports betting legislation tracker

The United States Supreme Court overturned a sports gambling prohibition in May 2018. It opened the door for states to pass legislation allowing for sports betting. We are tracking the states as news develops.

Is Jason Witten a political hack or just a bad announcer?

The Cardinals and Rockies are making this last week matter

Earl Thomas knows what he’s worth

Piesman Trophy 2018

Everyone thought the ACC would have too many good teams. About that!

NFL Power Rankings Week 4: There’s no stopping the Rams

Our world was scary enough before Kawhi Leonard laughed

The Bucs got the full Ryan Fitzpatrick experience, leaving them with questions at QB

Who’s in and who’s out of the MLB postseason?

Bucs safety Isaiah Johnson gets injured running into a wall

Steelers hold off Bucs comeback to win, 30-27, on ‘Monday Night Football’

Red Sox clinch best record in MLB, will host Wild Card in ALDS

Is the Bucs’ FitzMagical start because someone new is calling the plays?

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Kawhi Leonard’s laugh, Enes Kanter’s nipples, and 8 other moments that defined NBA Media Day

See the new Lakers jerseys LeBron James & Co. wore at media day? You can order one, too

Virginia Tech accidentally declared it beat ODU, and look — I get it

The 8 best and 7 worst moments from a bizarre Sunday in the NFL

LeBron James in a Lakers jersey is surreal. So is seeing his new teammates

Marcus Smart plays every possession like it’s his last, because he knows it could be