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Red Sox’ Game 4 win was decided by a matter of inches over 4 close plays

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S&P+ spread picks for every Week 8 college football game

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Have the Pelicans finally given Anthony Davis a real supporting cast?

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Why is scoring up this year?

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4 ways to tell you’re gonna lose an upset to Michigan State today

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MLB let the Astros off the hook for cheating ... for now

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The Brewers used a fake starter, and the Dodgers used a Hall of Fame starter

Quentin Richardson vs. Paul Pierce was a confusing, embarrassingly one-sided NBA feud

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Your Watch Grid guide to CFB’s best (and worst) Week 8 games

Baker Mayfield can’t be his best self with these Browns WRs

Boban can dunk without jumping. Send help

The LeBron James Lakers apparel guide

Is Saquon Barkley gonna be worth it for the Giants?

How Mario Cristobal is supersizing Chip Kelly’s Oregon offense

Think this CFB season is boring? Here’s the conference to watch

Why the NFL’s home underdogs are the best bets for Week 7

SB Nation NBA Preview 2018

The NBA is more than a sport — it’s an entertainment experience with unique characters and storylines that transcend on-court drama. Here’s what’s on "NBAFlix" this season.

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The 2018-19 SB Nation NBA season predictions game

Former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny arrested for tampering with evidence in Larry Nassar investigation

The best early bets for Week 8 of college football

Malzahn really might be coaching for his job, big buyout and all

Chandler Jones won’t let you ignore the Cardinals

4 pros and 2 cons on the idea of Brohm replacing Petrino

Let’s imagine a world where the Warriors really DID ruin basketball

How will the writers of "The Warriors" figure out how to tell next season’s story after the team goes full scorched Earth on the competition?

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The best ref hits, including that time Stephen Garcia got laid out

Nick Saban endorsing a Democrat in West Virginia’s Senate race

5 reasons Cardinals vs. Broncos will entertain on ‘Thursday Night Football’

Piesman Trophy 2018

Anthony Davis is already in peak form. The Rockets are ... not.

If the Bucks master their new offense, they can win the East

John Elway is blaming everyone except John Elway for the Broncos being terrible

Anthony Davis is leading a big man training revolution

Thanks to improved biomechanics, today’s big men aren’t just changing their games, they’re also changing their bodies.

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Your guide to the 2018 MLB playoffs

The Brewers pulled the fake starter trick on the Dodgers in NLCS Game 5

Joe West is bad. Don’t let Jose Altuve’s non-homer make you forget that we can all agree on something

Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta will do whatever it takes to win

He’s a billionaire casino magnate who doesn’t fear failure, and the Rockets might be his best bet yet.

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Why Jose Altuve’s Game 4 home run was called an out for fan interference

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Kershaw, Dodgers are one win away from the World Series

How Jon Gruden has been a hilarious, expensive disaster for the Raiders