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The Best Driver Not In The NEXTEL Cup Series is Boris Said

If you want some excitement this weekend watch the Busch race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, oops I mean Lowe's Motor Speedway, because Boris Said is going to be driving in it. Boris who you ask? You know, Boris Said the road racing driver. Boris is an amazing road racing expert who has been a "hired gun" for various NEXTEL Cup teams the last few years whenever the series invades Sonoma, Walkens Glen, and now Mexico. Not only has he been a "hired gun" , but he has unofficially, along with Canadian Ron Fellows, become one of the road racing experts and instructors for NASCAR. He has trained no less than 18 Cup drivers on the finer points of road racing, including Dale Jr. In fact, he was one of Dale Jr.'s teammates when Dale experienced that fiery crash in his Corvette a few years ago. Boris also did an excellent job filling in for Joe Nemechek a few years ago, and I guess MB2 thought so too since they were able to secure a limited 10 race sponsorship with Boris as the driver the following year. With enough seat time on ovals I think Boris could become one of the top notch drivers in NASCAR.

A few years ago I got the chance to go a Trans Am race, and I was excited since; a) I had never gone to a Trans Am racing event before, and b) I finally got to see first hand Boris Said and Johnny Miller (another hired gun for NASCAR, mostly for Morgan McClure) race. Boy was I disappointed to find out on race day that Boris had been suspended and would not be racing in his Mustang in the Trans Am race that day (Johnny finsished second to Scott Pruett). However, Boris still showed up and raced a 4-door BMW from a lower series in a supporting race, blowing the crowd away in the process. Boris proved two things to me that day; 1) that he can drive almost anything and be competitive, and b) that his love for racing is pure - it would have been easy for him to stay at home and have the weekend "off" during his suspension, but he didn't, he showed up, watched someone else race his car and raced in a lower series. I don't think many drivers would have done that, except maybe Johnny Miller.

Hey NASCAR, Boris needs a full-time ride in your series.Why? Because you need him, and because I and many other fans "Said" so.