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Dale Jarrett Needs To Get Out When The Getting Is Good

I haven't been able to post the last day due to technical difficulties, but I think they're all solved now so I'm back in business. Here is my latest Rave.

During the Coca Cola 600 on the weekend Dale Jarrett should have just not even started the race. Two days before the race RYR released one of its employees, who just happened to be Dale Jarrett's spotter. Why would you release one of your driver's spotters just days before the race? I don't know and I bet Jarrett is asking the same question. It was this decision that caused Jarrett any hope of even finishing the race let alone even having a shot to be there at the end to make it interesting.

On the first lap Jarrett got the "hold your line" call from the spotter and was sent spinning into the wall by Robby Gordon. Jarrett didn't even know that Robby was there. What a colossal waste of time and money. It probably cost RYR more money having Jarrett crash on lap one than if they would have kept Jarrett's original spotter for the weekend and then release him. This would have also given Dale a few days to train a new spotter or at least practice with one before Dover this week.

Perhaps Jarrett can leave RYR early and race in Waltrip's car, we all know Jarrett would do better than Mikey anyway. Based on the information that I have the team that Waltrip has now is going to be the same team he races with Toyota next year, so why not get Jarrett some seat time with the team so they all know each other for next year? It makes sense, especially if RYR is getting Casey Mears next year, as the rumour mill says. Maybe RYR can possibly get Mears in early to get him some seat time and establish him with his new team and that would allow Jarrett to do the same. The sooner Dale is out RYR the better for him. After the initial learning curve with Waltrip's team Jarrett should do fairly well, better than this year or at least the same, as Toyota has deep pockets and they won't have to rely on sponsorship dollars as heavily as RYR does right now.

Perhaps he could take the UPS spongsorship with him - that could be a very tough blow to RYR and very hard for them to recover from, initially anyway. Also, RYR has to be very careful they don't loose Elliot Sadler, especially now that Citi Financial wants him as their driver in the RYR Busch car. Look at Stewart he is hurt because of his dipping into the Busch series the same could happen to Elliott and then what would happen to the M&M Sponsorship? My bet is that they would leave, especially if UPS has already pulled out.