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Kenny Wallace: What You See Is What You Get

When you watch Kenny Wallace do his regular host gigs for Speed Channel what you see is what you get. That has been my experience with him anyway. Back in 1995 (Aug. 19th to be specific) after the Detroit Gasket Busch race a friend and myself happened to run into Kenny in the parking lot at MIS. Back then Kenny was the regular driver of the Red Dog Beer car. He took the time out to talk with us and shoot the breeze like we were old friends. We spent an hour and half talking about everything to with NASCAR as well as other things. He even took an interest in us, asking us things about ourselves, etc. After signing our pit passes for us he noticed other signatures and asked us who else we got to sign them. We told him and he smiled and asked if we able to get his brother's autograph. We told him that the closest we got to Rusty was that when his driver drove by with him in the back he almost hit us. He laughed and said, "That sounds like Rusty," and "dissed" him for his lack of autograph signing as of late.

After meeting Kenny I really got a new respect for him and have cheered him on in all of his Cup rides. I was really happy for him when he ended up at DEI filling in for Steve Park after his unfortunate accident. With the chance to prove himself in good equipment I thought for sure that his performance for DEI was worthy of him landing an established Cup ride, but in the end it didn't materialize. Any team would definitely benefit from his experience and driving skills, not to mention that any sponsor would benefit from his enthusiasm for racing and his great interpersonal skills.