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NEXTEL All-Snore Race - Literally

O.K., lets cut to the chase - who fell asleep during the race Saturday night? I did. I woke up lying in a puddle of drool on our new leather couch just as Stewart and Kenseth were causing each others accidents, as near as I can figure I fell asleep somewhere after the speeding violation on pit road by the Jeff Gordon Clone, Jimmy Johnson. After watching Tony and Matt clearly deny any involvement in each other's demise I then fell asleep again, but I managed to hit the record button on the VCR (outdated I know, but it was the closest remote), and recorded over my wife's recording of the last hour of The Amazing Race (there'll be hell to pay later I'm sure). If not for my screaming daughter a little while later I would have missed the last lap as well and be forced to watch it on tape. After I calmed my little girl down from her nightmare I went back down to catch the interview but I missed it, so I cleaned up my drool spot and went to bed forgetting to turn off the VCR, and recorded over my wife's last two hours of Survivor (looks like the new leather couch is going to be my new bed for the next few days).

My point here is that they should bring the race back to daylight hours, a lot of people just can't manage to watch over 5 hours of racing until 1:00 in the morning, especially if you have little kids who like to get up at 6:30, or if you have work the next day. Yes its true people actually work on Sundays. Worse yet, what about those young 20 somethings (NASCAR's new target demographic) who did not attend the race, are they going to miss out on some serious bar hopping if they stay home and watch the race? I don't think so, and how many of them set their VCR's? Not many because their parents were using them because it's Blockbuster night (how many 20 somethings are living on their own, really). Come on NASCAR, even the NFL airs the Pro Bowl in the afternoon.