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The Problem With Kyle Busch

Well NASCAR handed out the fines and most notably Kyle Busch was handed a $50,000 fine, lost 25 driver points and lost Rick Henderick 25 owner points for his little outburst during the Coca Cola 600. Let me talk about the incident first. Kyle was taken out by Casey Mears as Mears lost control of his car while driving in front of Kyle, and as Kyle was diving under the spinning Texaco car Mears hit him putting him into the wall and ended his race. By all views of the replays it was quite evident that Casey was the victim of a combination of bad luck, hard tires, new track surface, you name it, and did not deliberately run Kyle into the wall (although I'm sure there are a lot of people who want to do so). After Casey pitted the first time to start repairs to his car Kyle, while being restrained by a NASCAR official, threw his HANS device at Casey as he was driving by.

O.K. here is my beef with Kyle on this one. Firstly, how can someone be that calculating to see you coming from behind and deliberately spin out, bounce off the wall in the process, so as they can hit you as you are driving by just to take you out of the race? No one. Ya Kyle, it was a personal attack against you wasn't it? Give me a break.

Secondly, why would you continue to go through your actions while being held by a NASCAR official who is telling you not to do what you are thinking to do? Even I could read the official's lips during the replay, and he was saying don't do it. Jimmy Spencer was right in the post race show when he said that Kyle would get hit pretty hefty, not so much for the throwing of the HANS, but of the blatant disregard for the NASCAR official (especially on live T.V. for everyone to see). Even the 19 car didn't get hit with such a heavy fine and they had a car below the legal height after the race.

I don't mind a good tussle between drivers every now and then, when its deserved, like the Allison (x2) vs. Yarborough scrap way back when (I actually watched that live), but what Kyle did is an embarrassment to himself and NASCAR. Some of these "Young Guns" need to grow up fast - especially the ones named Busch.