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A Race Without A Waltrip

You know there hasn't been a race run in the Winston/Nextel Cup Series without a Waltrip, either Darryl or Michael, since 1975. That streak has come to a screetching halt today with Bud Pole qualifying as Mikey didn't make the cut, and is too low in the standings to get himself a provisional spot. Wait, can't he use the past Champions Provisional? Oh ya, I forgot he isn't a past champion, nor will he ever be.

Frankly, it doesn't surprise me that he didn't make the field. He can say all he wants about the disorganization and lack of team sharing at DEI all he wants, at least they provided him with the equipment and clout to make the field at each race. I wonder how Toyota is viewing this, certainly they have to be concerned. If he can't make the field now with already established equipment and cars, how is going to with all new equipment and cars. As an owner of the new Toyota team for next year I think Michael should do what Richard Childress did in the early 80's and take himself out of the car and put a driver in it that will make things happen, and I don't think Dale Jarrett is the man either. Dale provides credibility to the team but he does not make them a threat to win anytime soon, he lacks the "eye of the tiger".

Unless Michael buys a ride I guess he'll be a guest announcer in the booth with his brother. I think Michael is a good spokesperson for his sport and a decent analysist but I don't think he'll ever win a championship, or be a contender for one in the near future. I certainly hope he proves me wrong, but I have a feeling that even if he were driving the #48 or #20 car he would not be a contender for the championship like those guys are, he would just be a contender to win the odd race from time to time.