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Rowdy Burns that used to drive the Mello Yello #51 Lumina has mad a return to NASCAR in the truck series driving under the pseudonym Kyle "Rowdy" Busch. Much to the jeers of the crowd Friday night at Lowes Motorspeedway in Charlotte N.C. Rowdy made a triumphant return not only to NASCAR but to Victory Lane in the acclaimed Craftsman Truck Series.

After suffering a near fatal head injury in a major crash with Cole Trickle nearly 10 years ago Rowdy finally got Doctor’s approval to race again. Dr. Claire Lewicki, who was once married to race car driver Cole Trickle, issued the following statement: "Rowdy Burns is fit to drive a race car again. He has not suffered any effects of the head trauma he sustained 10yrs ago in over 2 years. I however have reservations about him driving again in such a competitive series. I feel that he should start at a lower level and get his timing back before entering a more competive level of racing."

Rowdy was quick on the rebuttal, "I have been secretly testing cars for Hendrick Motorsports the last few years and I feel that my timing and reactions are better than before my injuries."

When asked about using the alias of Kyle Busch for his return Rowdy replied, "It was a matter of me looking at what is best for the team. Having me come back as a driver is pressure enough for them, let alone to be under the scrutiny of millions of fans. If I came out as just another driver who appears to be an also ran rather than a contender for the victory then the pressure for the team to perform up to unnecessary expectations wouldn’t be there."

Once in victory lane Rowdy expressed that the only thing that would make his victory even sweeter would have been to have once rival turned friend Cole Trickle there. After the much publicized breakup from Dr. Lewicki, Cole became a member of a rouge Scientology cult, got his Doctorate in Pharmacology and started dating women half his age, one of whom he has had a child with and is reportedly engaged to. Rowdy hasn’t had much contact with Cole since he joined the cult, although he did see Cole on a talk show jumping on the couch next to the show’s host but the volume was turned down on the T.V. so he didn’t know what it was about.