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Benson, Menard, and An Elephant

Johnny Benson wins again in the truck race. Mark my words - he will be racing a Toyota in the Cup Series next year.

Paul Menard (see picture) wins his first race in the Busch Series, and held off some strong competition on several late race restarts. Even though Harvick is a little ticked off at Menard, I've got to give him credit - he could have wrecked Menard easily in turns 1 and 2 but in the end he did back off and got wrecked him self in the process. If Harvick would have stayed on the gas, which he could have, Yeley wouldn't have driven over him and he probably would have won the race. I'm sure that's what Harvick was telling Menard after the race when he kind of blocked Menard in by the wall for a few seconds. What do you think?

Now for the elephant. No not a real one but the metaphorical elephant in the room that everyone sees but doesn't talk about. In this case its NASCAR and road racing. Should there be a third road race scheduled in the The Chase? I say .... yes! Its part of NASCAR that's why. They race at two road courses through-out the season so they should race at one in the Chase portion of the Championship showdown. It's about being the best overall driver over those last races, not the best driver at a certain kind of track. They race short tracks, intermediate tracks, and superspeedways in the Chase, so why not a road course? They could use Road America, or if they are worried about the weather they could use Road Atlanta - or (for arguments sake) even a Canadian date instead at Circuit Gilles Villenuve near Montreal where they have a Busch race scheduled for next year. Dale Earnhardt won his first ever Championship at the last race of the 1980 season on a road course over Cale Yarbourgh. Dale Jr. has recently been quoted in the media that NASCAR should include a road race in the Chase portion of the Championship. So why not? I say do it!