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Brian Vickers Signs With New Team

At about 9:05 pm (Eastern), Brian Vickers announced on Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain that he has signed a multi-year deal to drive the #83 Red Bull Toyota Camry starting next season. He has "taken the Bull by the horns" as he said in the announcement.

When asked why he wanted to leave the #25 Hendrick car, and how hard was it because he was chosen by the late Ricky Hendrick to be in that car he answered in a round about way that he needed a fresh start. I think what he implied was that it was hard to perform and live up to the expectations (perceived or otherwise) placed on him since his friend died and he couldn't do it anymore. Not to honk my own horn but that is what I said was going on when he first announced his wanting to leave Hendrick Motorsports.

If you get a chance to catch the re-run of Wind Tunnel either tonite or tomorrow look for yourself and see if you think the same as I do.