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DEI To Buy MB2? Just Might Happen

The rumour mill is abuzz with this one. MB2, which is struggling as of late is in talks to join forces with DEI where DEI would take controlling interest in MB2. What does this mean for the two companies? Let's break it down. For MB2 it means deeper pockets and the huge resources at DEI. This is a winning scenero for the struggling race team which lost driver Scott Riggs and Valvoline as a sponsor to Evernham Motorsports late last season. MB2 is currently fielding the 01 car for Joe Nemechek, the 14 car for Stirling Marlin, and the odd car for people like Boris Said at special races. All of these entries are low in the standings right now, so any injection of resources from DEI would benefit MB2.

How will this benefit DEI? Not very much in the short run I'm afraid. Also, it will give DEI 5 teams for next year and the limit is set at 4 for car owners, but I'm sure there is a unique way around it like forming a MB2/DEI hybrid team called MBE or something like that. This would allow 4 DEI cars and 1 MBE car, thus keeping up with the 4 car limit per team rule. Track Smack on pointed out that if there is a merger or an out right buy out of MB2 with DEI one oraganization could focus on the 'car of tomorrow', which would be MB2, and the other can focus on the 'car of today', which would be DEI since they are higher in the standings.

It will be interesting to see how all of this is going to play out over the next few months, if indeed there is any truth to the rumour, and I think there is.