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Done With Dover

Wow, I'm getting better at this picture thing.

Anyway, lets talk about today's events shall we? Johnson had the wreck I predicted, except he saved it and had a great run to the end and as Jaynelle Ramon said, "they did it without cheating". But we still haven't heard all of the news out of the post race inspections just yet Jaynelle. Not to worry though they'll pass, they must realize they are going to be watched a little more closely after what happened at Daytona.

Stewart got out of the car as predicted. There is just no way that he would jeopardize his chance of being in The Chase to stay in the car. Until NASCAR changes the rules about whoever starts the race must finish it we will continue to see injured drivers being pulled for replacement drivers. Too bad about Rudd getting them behind the 8 ball with the speeding penalty. Two theories have come to light about this penalty, since Rudd says he wasn't speeding: 1) Rudd has had a beef with some of the NASCAR officials in the past and this penalty was pay-back for some wrong in the past, and 2) since Tony took his helmet and HANS off while the car was still moving, actually he wasn't totally on pit road yet when he started to take it off, to save time for the driver change NASCAR missed the call for the helmet infraction so they assessed a speeding penalty instead to make up for the missed call. If this one (#2) is true I have to wonder, has NASCAR started hiring NHL referees as NASCAR officials now that hockey season is almost over? Because this is something a NHL referee would do. However, I would like to propose a 3rd theory, and remember you heard it here first. Are you ready? Ricky Rudd was actually speeding on pit road! Shocker really, but imagine if it were true - there would be nothing for people like me to write about.

Jeff Burton and Earnhardt Jr. finished in the top 10 (as predicted) and J. Gordon finished just outside in 12th (close but no cigar for that one). Jeff Burton and Harvic are on rolls lately. Go RCR! I hope Burton gets to victory lane soon. Ryan Newman finished 14th and even led about 10 laps. I guess I missed that prediction too, but not by much. Oh well, we all can't be right all of the time, just mostly right most of the time.