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Dover Awaits

This picture is from one of the dover races in 2000. Hard to believe it was 6 years ago already.

Anyway, instead of one thing to rant or rave about I have several. So let us start:

1. What a save by Jimmy Johnson during qualifying. Great driving by the Jeff Gordon Clone. It sure impressed me.

2. When Jimmy gets into an accident tomorrow, which he will, he'll blame anyone and everyone but himself.

3. Tony Stewart will want to stay in the car, but Joe Gibbs will tell him to get out. Even Earnhardt got out of his car at Indy and put Skinner in to finish the race - he understood the big picture, as does Tony.

4. Ryan Newman gets the pole but will finish outside of the top 20. Too bad they didn't do time trial racing, I bet "Rocketman" would be close to 50 wins by now if they did.

5. Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and today's winner Jeff Burton will finish in the top 10 if they stay clear of the onslaught of accidents that will happen tomorrow.

In a bit of I told ya so, in an article on it talks about why Dale Jr. does not dabble in other racing series too often - it is because his sponsor Budweiser doesn't allow it. Bud knows where their value is and they don't want to risk it unnecessarily, I would expect to see similar clauses in the future by other major sponsors (i.e. Home Depot).

Before I sign off for today I just want to talk about the links I have over on the left side (I haven't figured out how to put them as links in this text yet, but I will). Muscle Cars Plus is an excellent auto restoration company and they also deal in those hard to find parts too, check them out. Diecast Dude's Blog is Jerry Wilson's Blog site, and even though he is a J. Gordon fan his blog is very good, well written, fair, and at times very funny. Track Talk with Jaynelle Ramon and Unrestricted: My Nascar Rants & Raves by Antonette looks at racing from a female perspective, although for females they usually have a decidedly male perspective, which goes to show a race fan is a race fan is a race fan regardless of gender (except I don't think Kasey Kahne is cute or Dale Jr. is hot, Danica Patrick on the other hand ...).

One last thing, I just wanted to thank Bill and Peggy for putting a link to this blog on the Local 67 page. I hope that everyone who visits me from Local 67 enjoys this blog and the others I just listed. Visit and comment often. Take Care.