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Haas or Unleaded Gas: Which Story Is Bigger? You Decide.

After last night's bought of blogger stupidity (see two posts ago) I'm going to keep this one a bit shorter.

I've been caught up with this Busch Series visiting Canada thing lately. It's time to move on until more news comes out, I think my opinions are clear enough about it now.

Two interesting things in NASCAR have developed over the last few days:

1) Gene Haas, (see picture) the car owner of Green's 66 Cup car and the 00 Busch car of J. Sauter's, has been charged with Fraud of more than $20 million in a creative bookkeeping/kickback scandal. Haas pleaded not guilty but has been denied bail, for fear of flight to China where he has business holdings/dealings, etc. Is he guilty? That isn't for me to say - I don't have all of the facts and I don't pretend to, any claim otherwise would be wrong. But if he is guilty I wonder how bad the fall-out will be for his teams, and NASCAR. Also, will NASCAR allow him to keep his teams active if he is convicted or will he be suspended by NASCAR (the "behaviour detrimental to the sport" clause)? I guess everyone can go work for one of the new Toyota teams (more on those on another day).

2) Unleaded gas is going to be used in several Busch and Truck races over a four week period, and then be re-evaluated for future use. I think NASCAR needs to experiment with this and find a way to make it work. With all of the additives you can get nowadays to take the place of lead I can't see the problem with using it. Man, if Audi can get their diesel engines to win both the 24 Hours at Daytona and the 24 Hours of Le Mans (the only two races they've used diesels at), NASCAR can make unleaded fuel work. With that being said, wouldn't it be cool if they could get the Truck Series on an all diesel format? It would be interesting.