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A Little Bit of Everything and a Whole Lot of Anger

1) F1 - Take your arrogant attitudes and go back to racing in 3rd world countries. See how long you'll last without U.S. sponsorship and consumer dollars. Let's show everyone at F1 just how much of a strong economic force the United States and its North American partners are - stop buying products advertised or promoted by F1 and its sponsors for 6 months and then we'll see who needs who! This is a good place for an expletive now! Take your noncompetetive series and shove it! Can you believe I used to enjoy F1? Jackie Stewart should be running F1 right now let me tell you! F1 has become auto racing's version of figure skating. What a shame.

2) NASCAR - If you would have gotten the point system right the first time then you wouldn't be laying the foundation for change right now. Award points for qualifying and more for winning the pole (like NHRA) to make them work to get into the show instead of just stroking' for 35th in the points or going out to hire past champions for the provisionals. Also, make the points more graduated in the top 20 so people will go for the win or the position just in front of them more instead of 2nd and 3rd them to death. Give points for the halfway leader and the person who leads the most laps. Give out points for first win in the rookie race to make it more interesting. Give bonus points at the end of the season for not using provisionals to get into the show. Take points away for using a provisional starting spot, or for buying your ride to get into the show (name any Waltrip here). Talk to me NASCAR -I've got a lot more to share, if you are willing to listen.

3) CART and IRL what are you two still doing? You are like the brothers in a family who have had a big fight that's been going on for so long that all the relatives have forgotten what the fight was originally about and you're both too stupid to move on. Look at what is going on with F1 in the U.S. right now. It would be the perfect time for you two to get back together and capitalize on the declining popularity of F1 right now. What a better way to kick it back to F1 if you two got back together and returned to your former glory. There used to be a time when all the F1 drivers wanted to drive Indy cars, now it is the other way around. Sad, sad, sad. If your two series go under you have no one to blame but yourselves. Maybe Tony Stewart, Robby Gordon, and others should ban together and buy your soon to be hapless series' and turn them into something that can make the fans proud of and become the envy of F1 again.

Enough said. I need to find a quiet spot and to cool off for a while. I'll try to find something positive to write about tomorrow.