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Odds and Ends

I spent so much time reading and writing on other people's blogs tonight that I don't have the time to write a good rant or rave so I'll hi-light some of the stuff that I've read tonight.

1. Diecast-dude has a hilarious Toyota News Bulletin. You have to read it, it'll make you lol something fierce.

2. Jaynelle Ramon is offending lots of people in her God rant and her support of the Dixie Chicks, as well as asking her readers the all too important question of, "What is a Bombardier Learjet?" Which I managed to answer for her. P.S. - Go Dixie Chicks!

3. Green Flag Pit Stop (the newest added link to my link list) is also on a religious kick tonight ranting about the purposed sponsorship of a lower NASCAR series car by a Scientology group. This is also covered by Jaynelle in her God rant and in an earlier posting by the Diecast Dude. After reading the opinions expressed in these three blogs about religion and sports I must also agree that just as religion has no place in government, it also has no place in sports - whether it is NASCAR, football, baseball, or golf.

4. is reporting that Tony Stewart is planning on driving all of the practice laps and race laps at Pocono this weekend. I think he will try to do it, but what if he gets into another wreck, I just don't know if this is the smart move or not. I know he doesn't want to lose more points in the top ten and after seeing the names just hanging outside of the top ten I can understand why he doesn't want to lose more points because I wouldn't want to be in battle with them for the 10th spot.

5. I was premature in inviting the Local 67 guys to my blog the other day so let me now officially welcome them to my blog. Hi guys, visit and comment often. "I value your opinions, they just don't make the blog, they make the blog better". Where did I steal this slightly altered quote from? Can you tell me?

Take Care.