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Ready and Willing Sonoma

I like the road races offered in NASCAR. They offer a break from the cookie cutter D-shaped ovals that everyone and their brother are building these days. I remember the last Riverside Race, that was cool to watch and I was also kind of sad to see it go - damn urban sprawl!

Anyway, Sonoma is a breath of fresh air right now and it offers the drivers and crews different kinds of challenges, like turning right. It also allows different drivers a chance to shine, like Robby Gordon. But it also brings in "hired guns" to run the race. What is unique about this year is that David Stremme is voluntarily giving up his seat to Scott Pruett because he isn't as good as Scott and they are in a heated battle for the coveted 35th position in the owners points. This is the cut off point of guaranteed starting positions in upcoming races. But wait, not to be out-done the 32 team has hired Ron Fellows (see picture) to drive their car this race. Fellows is straight back from his trip to France where he competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans one of the yellow Corvettes that the Earnhardts made famous a few years back

My guess is, that if he has a decent car under him Fellows has a great chance at winning this race, although I think his average finish is higher at Walkens Glen. I haven't heard if Boris Said answered the call to go Cup Racing, but I could be out of The Loop, as I have been running around here the last two days with my head cut off. I think Pruett is a good race car driver too, but I think the 32 car is a better car period, and if Pruett were to drive that one he could possibly win too.

My predictions: a) Ron Fellows will place higher than all other "hired guns" and maybe even win the race. b) if a hired gun doesn't win it will be Jeff Gordon (yes I said it), Dale Jr, Tony Stewart, or Mark Martin.