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See ya Sonoma, Hello Daytona

I don't care what people think about road racing in NASCAR, I like it. And I agree with Dale Jr. that there should be a road race in the The Chase portion of the Championship. They race at short tracks, intermediate tracks, and superspeedways, so why not a road course? That way there will be a road course for (roughly) every 10 races on the schedule. I'll stop here, as I've already covered this with the "Elephant" post. Moving on with other things.

1) Boris Said ran a great race, finishing in the top 10 and he did better than the other ringers didn't he? Enough said about that. He has also gone the Robby Gordon route and started his own team with a little help from Jack "In The Hat" Roush. He is to drive another 4 -6 races the rest of this season and is aiming for about half of the races for 2007, and then hopefully secure a full-time sponsor and race the full sched. for 2008. I hope he does it, I really do.

Also, what's with Stewart and his treatment of Boris? I like Tony, but what is his beef with Boris? Boris let him by when Tony was faster than him and then when Tony slowed down he wouldn't let Boris get by him even though Boris was faster. I really liked the way Boris handled himself after the race in the interview regarding his incident with Tony. Some other people in NASCAR should also take interviewing lessons along with the road racing lessons they have been getting from him.

2) Jeff Gordon wins another road race. Good for him. This could be the race that the 24 team has been waiting for to turn things around, especially with going to Daytona next week where they usually run well anyway. It is easier to go to Daytona coming from a win than a loss, especially with the types of problems the 24 car has been having lately. Put yourself in Dale Jr.'s shoes right now- getting ready for Daytona will be harder for the Bud team than for the Dupont team. The Dupont team can focus on the positive now instead of the negative. I predict Jeff will have a top 5 finish nest weekend.

3) Jeff Gordon is also proof that another road race is needed in The Chase. In order to be a NASCAR Champion you must prove that you can perform well at all kinds of track types on the schedule - including road courses. If you look at past NASCAR Champions, almost all of them have performed well, even winning, at road courses. J. Gordon, T. Stewart, R. Wallace, K. Busch, Earnhardt Sr. to name a few examples. If you want more I'll give them to you, just ask. O.K. one more, just look at Terry Labonte today. He did great in a car that wasn't supposed to be that good netting himself a top 5. Oh, he is a past Champion too.

4) I kind of feel sorry for what happened to Robby Gordon today. I think there is sooo much pressure on him to perform right now, especially on road courses that he is trying too hard to get that win, or at least to run up front. Ease off a little bit Robby and it will come, I know it will.

5) Was it me or did you notice some of the "hired guns" being a little aggressive out there today? Maybe they are trying too hard to prove themselves to the NASCAR regulars that they are being impatient and making mistakes that they wouldn't ordinary make in other racing series that they are more familiar with. I don't know, what's your take?

Enough said. I look forward to Daytona next week, its one of the races that I look forward to each year. It's a "Firecracker" of a race.