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Time To Give Denny His Due

As we all know Denny Hamlin won his first NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race this past weekend at Pocono, from the poll no less. What is even more interesting is that he suffered a rear left tire blow-out and his crew was able to get the car in good enough shape for him to work his way back up to the front by the end of the race and not get a lap down. No one could touch him on the last re-start either. This kid just outright spanked the competition this past weekend.

At the beginning of the year I was really cheering him on because he was one of my drivers in my NASCAR pool, or so I thought. I accidently sent in my rough draft of my picks instead of my good copy and instead of sitting comfortably in the top 5 with all of the other Denny Hamilin teams I'm now bouncing back and forth between 15th and 20th. Not bad considering there are quite a few people in the pool, but it does me no good because they only pay out to the top 10. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

I see a good future for Denny at Joe Gibbs racing, especially if Tony Stewart remains there and continues to act as a mentor to him. Why would Tony leave anyway. Although it would be interesting to see him race at DEI, which I think he would do if he ever left JGR. Expect Denny to make the "Race For The Chase" this year. Yes you heard it here - he will make The Chase. If he doesn't I'll have to do something stupid like admit that I'm a Jeff Gordon fan. Uhg, he better place in the top 10 now let me tell you because I hate doing stupid things.

By the way, who likes the Denny Hamlin Lawn mower commercial? I do, its pretty funny when he starts to bumpdraft his neighbour.

Additional NASCAR News:

It is official (if you haven't heard already) Mears will be driving the 25 car next year. It would be interesting to see if Vickers ends up in the 42 car which Mears currently drives now. I still think that Vickers is getting the better deal in the end, no matter where he ends up. The 25 car hasn't had a good racing history, they have to change the number. It hasn't had a good winning record since Tim Richmond drove it in the early to mid 80's. Maybe it is haunted by the ghost of Tim Richmond, and that is why it has only been in victory lane 6 times (4 Schrader, 1 Nemechek, 1 Nadeau) since he drove it.