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Weekend Summary - Weddings, Racing, and Opinions

I went to that wedding yesterday. Man, it was hot out - at least in my part of the world it was. The wedding was held outside by this giant gazebo near a big tree in the middle of this pioneer village. The tree provided enough shade for most of the people sitting on the Groom's side, where I was fortunately located. I tell you though once the ceremony started nobody really noticed the heat, they were all caught up in the moment. The reason I'm telling you about the wedding is that the couple are good friends of mine. I've known the groom since he was 3, and unfortunately he is a Jeff Gordon fan, but I guess someone has to be. Let me tell you, all of the people who said speeches last night cut him up for being a Gordon fan. Anyway, a good time was had by all and I wish them nothing but great things for the future. By the way the groom raced on Friday night and finished 3rd. He's been on a role lately as he has finished 2nd, and 3rd in the other two races run so far this season.

In keeping with the recap theme of the weekend let's move to the goings on in NASCAR.

* Johnny Benson wins in the truck event. What is significant about that? He's still out there and he isn't going away. I personally wouldn't be surprised if he is picked up by a Toyota team before next season. Not my favourite driver, but a competent one who would do well for a developing team such as Toyota.

* Bill Lester made the show for the Cup race. Significance you ask? Well there are a few: Read Diecast-Dude's blog about his wife and her ultimatum - pretty cool! Also, and more importantly in my opinion, is that he is driving a Bill Davis car, which will become a Toyota next year. My point? Toyota is big on diversity, and has won awards for their diversity programs. Can you say welcome to your full-time ride Bill? Now I must point out to you all, he would not get that offer if he wasn't a good enough driver, and I think he is and he will get that offer because of that. Toyota is big on diversity sure, but they don't want to lose either. They need a driver to keep them in the top 35 in points so they can make the show each week, and Lester can do that and make a substantial run for Rookie of The Year in the process. Plus, he is a nice guy - just what the sponsors like.

* What about David Gilliland? He isn't even a full-time Busch driver, yet he took it to them and the 'Buschwhakers' driving for a team with no Cup ties to boot. Let's hear it for the underdog! I don't think there hasn't been a bigger party in Victory Lane this season in Busch. I want to see more!!

* On a more serious note, I hope Jeff Fuller is well on his way to making a full recovery from his undisclosed injuries. As soon as I find out more about him and his condition I will post it.

* Kasey Kahne is victorious in the rain shortened run at Michigan today. The winning moment was when Kahne beat Edwards out of the pits by a nose just before the ran started to fall and the race was red flagged. That's 4 wins for him this year. I bet Mayfield has win envy right now. Speaking of Mayfield, I wouldn't be surprised to see him gone after this season if he doesn't turn it around soon.

* Tony Stewart survives another crash. I just want him to run more than two races in a row without a crash that's all. Good interview afterward though. Good for him to take the high road - even though he was probably steamed right after. This self-imposed cooling off period seems to be working for him lately.

* I don't mean to jump on the "Let's All Bash Kurt Busch Bandwagon", but I find his interviews lately as 'forced friendliness'. He reminds me of Eddie Haskel off of 'Leave It To Beaver" when he gives interviews like that, with that poo-eating grin. I guess improving one's image after so much damage has been done comes at a cost, but what is worse; the immature bad-boy image or the sly politician image? I don't know. Maybe he should hire Tony Stewart's positive behaviour modification specialist.

* Lastly, Earnhardt Jr. finished 3rd, coincidently his Dad's old number, while driving a throwback paint scheme honouring his Grandfather who drove a car with that paint scheme back in the day (and one Jr.'s Dad would use as well). All on Father's Day no less. Kind of fitting if you ask me.

Happy Father's Day To All of You Dads Out There!

Look for more tomorrow ... after the hockey game though. Take Care All!
Go Oilers Go!