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Bits and Pieces Left Over From Bristol

I'm just going to do this in point form, so here goes.

- Martin's wheels were over/on the line and Gordon's weren't. The right call was made. No favoritism here (at least in this case).

- Bristol was full of non-action for one simple reason - the point system sucks. Did you see Dale Jr move out of the way and settle for third? But given the current point structure, can you blame him? I would have done the same. NASCAR needs to revamp the point system. Perhaps give out more more points for winning, points for qualifying, points for leading at the halfway point, and so on. They could also take away points for things like using a provisional to get into a race, for buying your ride to make the race, and for rough driving - oh wait, they are supposed to do that already - or at least be more consistent in doing it.

- Mark Martin might do some driving for Boris Said's team next year, while driving in the Truck Series full time for Roush. That would be interesting for sure - can you see Mark driving a No Fear Car? I'd like to buy the T-shirt. Maybe Viagara could come on as an associate sponsor and they could come up with a neat slogan for the new Mark Martin T-shirts like "No Fear, use Viagara and So-Be it!

- In the who cares category, Stirling Marlin will be starting his 700th career race this weekend in California. I know, its a big achievement and he is in good company in the 700 club (Richard Petty -- 1,185; Dave Marcis -- 883; Ricky Rudd -- 875; Terry Labonte -- 844; Darrell Waltrip -- 809; Kyle Petty -- 773; Bill Elliott -- 751; Bobby Allison -- 719; Rusty Wallace -- 706; and Buddy Baker -- 701), but I really don't care. Even when he was a popular driver a few years ago (he really hasn't come back from that broken neck, has he?) I still didn't care for him - no disrespect intended, he is just one of those drivers I couldn't bring myself around to cheer for. And in case you are wondering what my opinion is, here it is; For the record Stirling Marlin did not kill Dale Earnhardt, I'm not one of those Earnhardt fans who blamed him and I never will. As far as Stirling Marlin's role in the death of Dale Earnhardt, it was a racing incident - nothing more.

I'm still having problems with uploading pictures, I just don't understand - really. Anyway here is the picture I would have been showing if I could.

Take Care.

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