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Bowyer and Edwards Aren't Through With Stewart Yet

After the incident at Pocono a few weeks back where Tony Stewart took out Clint Bowyer, and most notably Carl Edwards, Clint wasn't too impressed with Tony's apology. Tony issued a statement where he accepted 100% of the responsibility to what happened to Clint and Carl as a result of his coming up to more 'inexperienced drivers". When Clint was later asked about Tony's apology he said something to the like, "You call that an apology? I guess that is the only apology he can do".

Well after that I thought the whole thing between the three had cooled down, but I guess not. Before the race last weekend Edwards and Tony exchanged a few quips between them through the media, where Tony called Edwards "the Eddie Haskell of NASCAR" and Edwards responded by calling Tony a "moron". Then after the race Clint was quoted as saying, "Another close call with Tony. That was nice. I guess he hasn't learned his lesson yet". Clint was heard saying this remark after the race, where he finished 4th, about Tony's late race move where he pushed Clint into another car.

I guess we haven't heard the end of this little triangular feud just yet.

My opinion, for what it is worth, is that Clint should just keep his mouth shut for the rest of the season. He has been heard, now he just doesn't want to ruin his good reputation and get one like Kurt Busch.

Tony should also keep his mouth shut for now. Everyone knows what he is talking about, so let them see it for themselves and make up their own minds. If he has a problem he should go to NASCAR personally and not the media, unless he has already gone to NASCAR they have done nothing.

As far as Carl goes, there is some merit in Tony's "Eddie Haskel" comparison to Carl. I mean the "Aw, shucks" routine has gotten a little thin with me too. Don't get me wrong, but after listening to his radio traffic after his run in with Stewart at Pocono the Eddie Haskel thing is starting to look good. Carl needs to keep his mouth shut for now as well, both on the track and off. Let his actions speak for him, and not his mouth.

These boys have got to get back to racing, not to flappin' at the pie-hole - there is just too much money on the line to be distracted by these tabloid comments. If I'd want "smack-talk" I'd watch the WWE. Although, after Jimmy's "contrived" win last weekend you'd think you were watching the race car version of the WWE (just joking here folks, settle down you JJ fans).

Again, I'm experiencing picture difficulty so here is the link: