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Bristol Bash Turns Into Bristol Dash

Tonight's race in Bristol was tame compared to last night's Bristol's Busch Bash. Am I complaining? No. It was nice to see a little give and take among most of the drivers tonight. Mutual respect goes along way I say. Before the race Mark Martin was quoted as saying he "gets a lot of consideration (from other drivers) because he gives a lot of consideration". This was shown tonight, except for the fact that Martin was wrecked by the #4 car driven by Scott Whimmer. In Scott's defense I think he blew a shift or his transmission had lost a few gears and that is why Mark drove into him. Mark now sits 10th in points, he's got to be careful for now on.

Anyway, Dale Jr. survived his 40th starting position and finished 3rd. Good points night for him. Denny Hamlin showed yet again that he is not just a flash in the pan. What the heck happened to Stewart? Man, did they miss the set-up. Congratulations to Matt Kenseth, who completed the Bristol Sweep this weekend. If they keep this focus for the next 12 races they'll be in good shape to win their 2nd Championship.

I've finally updated my Blog Roll, if I've missed anyone just drop me a comment and I'll get it up ASAP.

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