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Hoosiers and Hungary

Well the Brickyard 400 is now over. "The Clone" won. That would be Jeff Gordon's clone, Jimmy Johnson. You know, good for him and his team, they deserved that win after paying NASCAR that incredibly ridiculous amount of money to throw the caution flag when they needed it. Just kidding, but man it almost looked too contrived to be real.

Good run for Jr. His car was about as good as day old liver and onions that weren't refrigerated, but Eury and the crew gambled on that last caution and it paid off in a top 10 for Jr. This finish now places him in the final position for The Chase - for now.

I'm a little disappointed in the blogging community tonight. Maybe everyone is on holidays or something, but when Gordon had that big wreck at Pocono back in June everyone (including me) was a-buzz about it and how they were happy to see Gordon walk away from the wreck . What about Kahne's wreck? He hit that wall a ton. I don't think he had time to even try to hit his breaks before impact. He hit that wall head on. You try coming to a complete stop at over 150 mph and see how it feels, if you survive that is. Anyway, I'm glad Casey got out of the wreck unscathed, because he should have been hurt in that wreck and he wasn't. The new and improved safety equipment is still working fine, thank God for that.

O.k., here is something that those of you who read me at least occasionally will find it hard to believe - I actually enjoyed today's Hungarian F1 race. Yep, you just read that. Rain is a good variable to throw at these guys, there was actually some good drama on the track as a result. More pit stops to change from wet to intermediate to dry tires, resulting in more action on the track. And the drama of failed engineering for the two point leaders Alonso and Schumaker. What was Michael thinking? He should have just let them pass, instead he finished out of the points after breaking a part of suspension/steering due to contact. Although, he later got 1 point because of a disqualification of another driver who finished ahead of him and now he is 10 points behind, when he could have been about 6. Oh well.