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I'm Back! Now, Where to Begin ...

I had a great holiday, it's nice to get away from it all every now and then.

Now, where do I begin? I've got a whole week's worth of stuff to rant about. I guess I'll just list them and keep my comments brief (or at least try to).

1. Time for the "Lucky Dog" to be put down! Kyle gets down 5 laps on a road course and still finishes 11th? Give me a break! I bet all those drivers who are fighting for the Chase spots and finished behind him have something to say about the "Lucky Dog". I agree with the idea behind the "Lucky Dog", but there needs to be some more ground rules about its use. Like, you can't use it more than twice during a race, or you can't use it two times in a row, or it is only used for non-road course events, or you must be within 10 positions of the leader when the caution flag is issued, using the scoring loops to clarify positions on the track at the time the caution is displayed.

2. Where were the fire guys during the Truck race last weekend when the fire broke out in the pits? They were putting out the fire on pit road instead of the guy who was on fire. No granted they probably couldn't see him because of the smoke and stuff, but the NASCAR official standing right there should have seen it, but he was too busy watching the fire instead of making sure all of the people were o.k. NASCAR is lucky the guy turned out to be o.k. thanks to the quick thinking of his team members who got him down on the ground and started beating the snot out of him to put the fire out. This event also supports
my idea of making fire suits mandatory for all those who are in the pits, whether they go over the wall or not.

3. Saddler's driving for Evernham.
No surprise here.

4. Busch and Gordon fighting for the top spot during the Busch Race at The Glen. In a word - AWESOME! Although, I wonder how level headed they would have been after if it were a Cup race.

5. Crocker and Evernham have a 'personal' relationship. I guess that wasn't obvious?

6. Canadian TV coverage of today's race was crap!!!!!! Wait, it can't be crap, because there was no coverage. Was the race on TNT? That is usually when we get this non-coverage of a race. I can't believe it, 3 races left before the Chase and no coverage. The race is in Michigan, with the track about an hour away from the heaviest populated area in Canada and they don't broadcast the race?. This is the kind of coverage we used to get 15 yrs ago. It stinks! I'm canceling my cable on Monday and getting a dish!

It's good to be back! Take Care.