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Interesting Things Happening in Cayuga

I just got back from spending the day lounging around the pool at my friends place. He and I have been friends since 7th Grade, so suffice it to say we've known each other a long time. About 20 yrs ago he came into some money through an inheritance, not a lot but enough to by a small parcel of land about 15 min. away from Cayuga Speedway. He had dreams of eventually building his dream house there and living the good life.

Well, things change as well as priorities and the small parcel of land became unwanted. He and his wife tried to sell it about 10 yrs ago, but they couldn't even get a selling price for what he paid for it initially. So they sat on it. About 4 months ago they decided to list it again, and put it on a 6th month listing with a local realtor and they have had some interest, but nothing serious - until now.

My friend is in the construction business, trim and doors to be specific, and he works with a lot of builders and contractors. Well, he has been approached by a builder he once made an offer to about 10 yrs ago. The offer was that if the builder wanted to build a house on his property he could and then they could sell it together splitting the profits. The builder never really took him up on his offer because there would have been no profits to share in due to poor interest in the area. But now things have changed a bit. What is the change you ask? Cayuga Speedway has now become
Cayuga International Speedway, as I wrote about in late June.

With plans to enhance the speedway to make it comparable to tracks like Richmond, and NASCAR's new interest in having Busch races in Canada, things are starting to get interesting in Cayuga to say the least. This might be the initial start of increased property values in the area because of the new track and its event potential.

I'll keep you posted as I hear more things pertaining to the track. I know I'll be out that way in about 3 weeks and if I remember to bring my camera I'll stop and take a few pictures of the construction going on at the track. If I'm lucky I'll run into someone there and get some information from them about future planned events as well. I hope to see IRL there, as I don't think CART will be there because they already race in Toronto and it is too close to Cayuga to justify having 2 CART events so close to each other.

As far as my friend goes, he is considering the offer but has not made up his mind yet.