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Is Ricky Bobby Really a Metaphor For Jeff Gordon?

Could it be that the new movie Talladega Nights is poking fun at Jeff Gordon? Think about this for a second, and read what I have to write. This is just too coincidental, or am I seeing into this too much? You tell me.

- Jeff Gordon has two first names like Ricky Bobby.

- Jeff Gordon was married to a very good looking woman (Brooke) and is engaged to another very good looking woman. Ricky Bobby is married to a very good looking woman.

- Jeff Gordon is a big star and former NASCAR Champion who did test driving with Montoya and his F1 car, and now Montoya is entering NASCAR and will be competing against Jeff. Ricky Bobby is a big time driver and former Champion who has to race against a former F1 driver. Could that Indy test drive have lead to the creation of the French F1 character? And did the producers of the movie have an inside line through NASCAR, or Ganassi for that matter (especially if he, or someone who works for him, were involved in the making of the movie somehow), on the Montoya thing long before anyone else in the general public?

- Ricky Bobby's sponsor is Wonder, and Dale Earnhardt gave Jeff his nickname of "Boy Wonder" when he first started racing.

- Jeff Gordon's car number is 24 and Ricky Bobby's is 26, close enough to make the comparison but far enough to not make it that obvious.

I haven't seen the movie yet, and I wasn't planning on it, but now with all of these coincidences between
Ricky and Jeff, I am tempted to go and see if there are more.