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Old News Is New News - Congratulations Buddy!

Before I went on holidays a while back I briefly wrote about going to the local dirt track and said I would write more about it later. It is now later.

It was a pretty big night at the track (Oshwegen Speedway) since they had the Lucas Oil event for the Dirt Modifieds, added to the extra-rare appearance of the Sprint Cars, along with the regular Friday night runners. My son had never been to a real car race, so I thought it would be kind of neat to bring him along since he knew my friend Brad, who runs in the Thunder Stock class, and he would at least have someone to cheer for. (BTW ,Brad is a huge Jeff Gordon fan - we all have our faults!)

I, myself, had never seen the Sprint Cars in person before - man, what a rush! Those things are awesome! If you ever get a chance to see them in person, go. You won't be disappointed. Bring protective eye-ware if you are sitting anywhere near the corners though, you will get dirt shot at you from the tires.

In the pictures above, the first one is of my friend Brad. He won the Thunderstock feature that night, and it would have been 2 features in a row if he wasn't disqualified the week before for having an 'illegal' carburetor. The carburetor on his car is legal at 3 of the 4 local tracks and guess which track it isn't legal at? You got it. Man did Brad have a few words with the engine builder who told him the motor was legal at all of the tracks when Brad bought it from him. Look for Brad to be one of the front runners next year, I predict he will finish no lower than 2nd in the points.

The picture of the Sprint Car (ignore the date on the picture, my battery fell out and I didn't re-set the date) is of April Wilson, one of the female racers that night. She can handle a car let me tell you, and if there were a little more horsepower in that puppy she would have ran with the leaders all night. They were able to pull away from her down the straightaways, and she'd catch them a bit in the corners - but they had too many ponies where it counted for her to do any good. Move over Erin, April's in the house.

Anyway, my son had a good time and that's all that really matters. Also, catch a Sprint Car Race if you can, it'll be worth it!