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Tony Stewart Flips For Charity

During a charity race at Skagit Speedway for the Kasey Kahne Foundation Tony Stewart flipped his car on the first lap of his heat race while starting on the pole.

Stewart smacked the wall in Turns 3 and 4 sending his car end over end. The wreck turned Stewart's 360 Sprint Car to scrap which will be cut up into pieces and sold on e-Bay to raise money for charity (probably for the Kasey Kahne Foundation too).

"In 27 years of racing that's the first time I've had a hole in my memory after a wreck," Stewart said. "I can't remember anything from about the middle of Turn 2 until we got out the back gate. Obviously we didn't want the night to end this early, but Kasey's a whole lot better at these things than me."

Tony was reported to be o.k. after the incident and stayed around for interviews, more autographs and presentations.

For the complete story click
here. Picture and article courtesy RACHEL E. BAYNE, THE BELLINGHAM HERALD.

As the
Diecast Dude stated earlier in the week, "Whatever one thinks of Tony Stewart on the track, off same the man has a lion's heart". I think tonight's charity race proves that.