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Villeneuve and Tracy

I finally got to watch last weekend's Michigan race, thanks to the rebroadcast on Speed Channel. I feel a little better about it now. By the way, my new digital system is coming on Monday and I won't have to rely on crappy Canadian NASCAR coverage anymore.

Here is something you might find amusing. While I was watching one of the crappy Canadian sports channels equivalent to Sports Desk they actually had some interesting news dealing with NASCAR with a Canadian twist. Recently released F1 driver Jacques Villeneuve has stated in an interview that driving in NASCAR would not be a step down from F1 as it would be driving in any other series (ie. IRL and Champ Car).

Needles to say the Indy drivers have their noses out of joint. Paul Tracy said something to the effect that it is easy for him to say, he's sitting at home not driving for anyone and that he would like to see him come out to Champ Car and see what he's got. Jacques' agent also went on record as saying that Jacques "could get a ride at anytime in NASCAR". Based on that quote I'm assuming that Jacques has been approached by some NASCAR teams recently. That would be a bonus for NASCAR, not only would they have a Spanish speaking driver in Montoya but they would have a French speaking one too. This is too Ricky Bobby esque for me.

In keeping with the Paul Tracy theme, here is something that is kind of interesting. Since his run in with Sebastian Bourdais in Denver and his comments about French drivers like fighting with their helmets on just like French hockey players, ticket sales for the Montreal Champ race have been going through the roof. Controversy sells.

I'm still at odds with Blogger and picture uploading. My head hurts sooo much from beating it against the wall. Click here for the picture of Jacques that I wanted to include with this post.

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