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Waltrip, Martin, and Harvic - Names In The News

Michael Waltrip failed to qualify for the NASCAR Indy race this weekend. According to team spokesman Chris Goodnight they will not buy a ride to get into the show on Sunday, like they did earlier this year. On the surface it appears that Michael trying to earn a little respect back from his buying a ride episode earlier this year, and it does show some class in that regard. Unfortunately though, I imagine that the real reason why he didn't buy a ride is that the price to pay for someone else's spot for this high media coverage event was far greater than the combined loss of sponsorship dollars and any potential winnings as an also ran. That is the real reason why he isn't going to be in the race Sunday, unless his sponsor dishes out the cash, which could happen.

Here is a
good rumour from Marc at Full Throttle: Mark Martin is in negotiations to buy Robert Yates Racing. Wow! Just kicks you in the pants and makes your jaw drop doesn't it? But once the initial shock is over it kind of makes sense.

Think about it, Roush has a 5 car team right now, and NASCAR wants teams to be no bigger than 4, so why not move one over to Mark's newly acquired team - after all he does 'technically' own the 17 car. This could allow Jack and Mark to make a full 8 car team under two separate team owners, thus creating a Ford monopoly. Also, Roush and Yates already make most of the Ford engines in NASCAR Cup anyway, this would allow Jack to take over in that area as well.

After Roush and Yates, what other big Ford teams are there? The Wood Brothers? They haven't been in serious contention to win races on a weekly basis since the early 90's. The combined efforts of the Roush/Martin alliance would be the equivalent of a Ford Factory team, whether it showed up on paper or not doesn't matter, it would be too obvious to even the most recent of NASCAR observers.

After writing about Waltrip and Martin this is almost an after-thought, but here goes - Kevin Harvic won the Busch race tonight, increasing his strangle-hold atop the Busch Series standings. He has been so dominate this year in Busch that it seems to be a forgone conclusion that he will win the Busch Championship again this year, and if he keeps running like he did tonight there is no one that will even get closer than 400 points to him.

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