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All's Quiet On The NASCAR Front and ClueTwo

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There really isn't anything happening in NASCAR this week compared to last week.  I've been working on a particular post for a week now and I wanted to publish it tonight, but I can't seem to get it together the way I like it so it'll have to wait for a little while longer. It's not a Pulitzer Prize winner, that's for sure, but the story content, and yes I said story - not the Dillner kind, but the factual kind - is worth the read, and I guarantee you, you won't hear this story anywhere else.

On to other things. Recall if you will my talking about
"Interesting Things Happening in Cayuga" regarding the building of a Richmond-style track there? I mentioned my friend's property that he had been trying to sell for years, and how there has been some interest in it now that plans for the track have been announced, well here is the latest chapter. Days after I made that post he had sold his property (on condition of the buyer selling their existing house first) before the builder even dug the hole for the foundation of the house.

The economic effects of having this track in Cayuga are being felt even before it has been built. The announcement of NASCAR's purchase of CASCAR and running the series as the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series (NCTS) will only create more of a buzz within that community and the communities around it. Maybe I should look into some investment property out there before it is all gone.

"Driven To Win" Contest One:

Clue #1: Green and White
Clue #2: Not 88, but half

-Once you have figured out what this topic is you can e-mail me your answer at

-Multiple entries are welcomed, so enter often.

-The first person to e-mail me the correct answer wins one of the box sets. You must include a return e-mail address with your entry for contact purposes, your e-mail address will remain confidential, and be used for this contest only.

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