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And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Moment You've Been Waiting For ... The Contest

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Well here it is. Thanks to the fine people over at A&E (and 2 blogger friends) I have two Box Sets of "NASCAR: Driven To Win (Season One)" to give away. I will be running two separate contests to give these Sets away.

This high octane 2-DVD Set Features Top NASCAR Racers Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch, Casey Mears, Carl Edwards, Stephen Wallace and Many More!

To millions of adoring fans, the life of a professional NASCAR driver is filled with enviable excitement and the insatiable need for speed. But no one starts at the top, and the stories of top drivers' paths to the pinnacle of racing are rarely told. This unique documentary series offers an inside look at young NASCAR stars and their rise from the local dirt track to the world famous stage, finding out what it takes, and what it costs, to compete at the highest level of motor sports.

Beyond the profiles of NASCAR rising stars, NASCAR: DRIVEN TO WIN also features exclusive extras that NASCAR fanatics won't find anywhere else, including "All-Access - NASCAR Behind-the-Scenes," and "Hot Laps - Driver Q and A" as well as "Never-Before-Seen Footage" and "Behind-the-Scenes Stories."

If you are interested in finding out more about this unique 2-DVD Set, or purchase a copy for yourself, please visit the link provided to the A&E Store here.

Contest One Rules:

- I will leave a clue for you each day for seven days starting tomorrow about a particular person, place, or thing dealing with NASCAR on my blog site.

-Each clue will be about the same topic.

-Once you have figured out what this topic is you can e-mail me your answer at

-The first person to e-mail me the correct answer wins one of the box sets. You must include a return e-mail address with your entry for contact purposes, your e-mail address will remain confidential, and be used for this contest only.

- If for some reason that the topic remains unanswered after the 7th day I will post one final "last chance" clue, which should give us a winner, otherwise the prize will roll-over to Contest Two and I'll award the two Sets to the top two candidates of that Contest.

Once Contest One has been completed Contest Two will commence. Details for this contest will follow later in the week, and it will not be similar to Contest One in any form.