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As Darkness Falls Upon Dillner's Career

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Today both NASCAR officials and Richard Childress denied the accusations made by Dillner yesterday of RCR tampering with the rims of the 29 and 31 cars to give them "an unfair performance advantage" in Sunday's race at New Hampshire.

NASCAR vice president Jim Hunter called the Speed TV report claiming the sanctioning body found issues with the cars of Nextel Cup Series winner Kevin Harvick or his Richard Childress Racing teammate Jeff Burton "sheer fantasy." Hunter said Dillner did not ask anyone with NASCAR about the issue before his report aired. "He didn't ask because he didn't want to know the answer. It was an example of sensational journalism at its worst." -

Childress branded the report 'false and misleading.' According to the story, NASCAR told the RCR teams it could not bring the modified rims back to the race track. 'Our cars passed post-race inspection and officials at NASCAR assured us last night and again today that no one from RCR was told at any time not to bring a part back to the race track,' Childress said. 'The reported events and conversations did not happen.' -
Jenna Fryer, Associated Press.

When asked about the controversy Monday, Harvick told Sirius Speedway (satellite radio program) that he believes RCR was set-up by another team, in an effort to create controversy. "I absolutely think it was a plant from another team," said Harvick. "NASCAR didn't say anything (to SPEED), so it's pretty obvious to me where it came from. It's an attempt to try and distract us from what we're doing, but they're going to have to do a lot better than that." Harvick said he believes he knows who planted the story, but declined to name names. -
Dave Moody, MRN Radio motorsports announcer and host of "Sirius Speedway;" heard weekdays from 3-6 p.m. Eastern Time on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 123.

So where does this leave everybody?

- NASCAR is looking for answers, and wants them now because this discredits the sport

- RCR wants the same thing as NASCAR

- Speed TV stands by Dillner's report because Dillner has a 'strong record of solid reporting from the NASCAR garage. So there is no rational reason for us to consider that the events and conversations he related to Speed viewers are anything other than the truth,' said Chris Long, Speed's executive producer for NASCAR programming. - Full Throttle

I think Chris needs to be on the same page as NASCAR and RCR on this one, but he isn't. I wonder what the viewers are thinking about Speed Channel's reporting and responsibility to the racing fans and sanctioning bodies (ie. NASCAR) now? I wonder how long Speed Channel would survive without all of the NASCAR programming that it has right now?

- Dillner's respect in the garage is now nil, he needs to get his resume out to the Sport Knitting Network soon or they might have second thoughts once this really gets rolling. Hey Dillner, can you remember what happened to Dan Rather? I guess not. Maybe he should come clean and reveal who the source was, but you know he won't, nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore - he'll blame someone else like his reliable source who he won't name anyway.

If anything, at least we have something to talk about this week.